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Find a Copywriter Who Specializes in Your Industry

While most copywriters are versatile in the subject matter they handle, sometimes you want a specialist to weigh in, such as a copywriter experienced in writing for: accountants, medical practices, beauty products, real estate, B2B, startups and more.

Copywriter for International Companies Targeting the American Market

You have a product or service that you’ve been selling in your country. But now you want to go bigger. You’d like to sell to international markets such as the U.S. or Europe. But to target customers abroad you’ll have …

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Copywriter for Logistics, Transportation and Cargo Shipping Companies

We live in a global economy. E-commerce is growing exponentially. As the internet has helped facilitate the sale of products and services across borders, the need for companies that can manage logistics and facilitate transportation of cargo has greatly increased. …

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Copywriter for Military Products & Services

Selling a product to the military market means tough competition. As technology advances, new products are constantly being developed and new sellers keep entering the market. The online military industry is rapidly gaining speed as more sales are generated on …

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Beauty Copywriter for Cosmetics, Skin Care & Hair Products

10 Tips for Writing Beauty/Skincare Copy Define what makes your product unique and special. Know your customer. What matters to her? Include plenty of details in product descriptions. Mention features but focus on benefits. Optimize product label copy to boost …

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Copywriter for Yoga Studios

Now that millions of Americans have jumped on the yoga bandwagon, there has never been a better time to open a yoga studio. According to a national study by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance, yogis spend 16.8 billion dollars each …

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Copywriter for Furniture & Home Goods

Selling furniture and accessories is big business. Furniture and home furnishings stores generate over $114 billion U.S. dollars worth of sales each year. As disposable income has increased, the home furnishings industry has enjoyed considerable growth. Furniture Today, a furniture news source, …

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Copywriter for Restaurants & Caterers

10 Ingredients for Successful Restaurant Marketing Create an effective website that proudly represents your brand. Write menu descriptions that create great expectations. Tell your story, one that explains why your restaurant is special. Cultivate a presence on social media to …

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E-Commerce Copywriter

If you have an e-commerce site selling goods over the internet, your product descriptions are critical to your success. They’re often the deciding factor in whether a customer buys or flies, that is: leaves your site without making a purchase. In …

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Copywriter for Dance Studios

Between the Zumba craze and the popularity of TV shows like Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You can Dance, millions of Americans have jumped on the dance bandwagon. Whether for their children or themselves, they recognize the …

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Copywriter for Construction Companies, Home Builders and Contractors

It used to be that construction companies and contractors had no problem getting new business. They listed themselves in the local Yellow Pages, passed out business cards to a few industry contacts, and then waited for the phone to ring. …

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Copywriter for Automotive Products & Services

Selling a product in the automotive sector means tough competition. As technology advances, new products are constantly being developed and new sellers keep entering the market. The online automotive industry is rapidly gaining speed as more sales are generated on …

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Copywriter for Pet-Related Products

If you’re like me, you’re crazy about your fur baby. One look at their sweet face and your heart melts like butter. You’ve always thought of your pets as members of your family. You give them plenty of love and …

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Jewelry Copywriter

Glittering. Shimmering. Sparkling. Just the mention of jewel-like qualities brings to mind images of magnificent baubles that catch the eye and stir the imagination. But even with such a compelling product, sales don’t necessarily come easy. A Jewelry Copywriter Can …

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How a B2B Copywriter Can Make Your Products Sell

What is a B2B copywriter? B2B stands for business-to-business.  A copywriter who specializes in this field assists businesses to create marketing materials promoting their products or services.  Those products or services are sold to other businesses, as opposed to directly …

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Copywriter for Children’s Products, Clothes & Toys

You’ve created something special, a product that you know either solves a problem or is something a child, or her parents will love. But now you need to get the word out. What good is a kid’s product that no …

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