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Find a Copywriter Who Specializes in Your Industry

While most copywriters are versatile in the subject matter they handle, sometimes you want a specialist to weigh in, such as a copywriter experienced in writing for: accountants, medical practices, beauty products, real estate, B2B, startups and more.

Copywriter for Public Adjusters

Are you doing all you can to help potential customers learn about your public adjuster services? Unless you’ve got more business than you can handle, it might be time to evaluate your marketing efforts. Consider the following 3 questions: Could …

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How a Women’s Health Copywriter Can Help You Attract More Business

Women’s health has emerged as a dynamic, rapidly growing market. The breadth of products and services made especially to appeal to women is continually expanding. Unfortunately, so is the competition, making it harder to get visibility and generate new business. …

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Copywriter for Accountants & Bookkeepers

It used to be if you were an accountant or bookkeeper, you had no problem getting clients. You followed a few easy steps: Rent office space in a business area and hang out a sign. Take out an ad in …

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Beauty Copywriter for Cosmetics, Skin Care & Hair Products

  Do you have a beauty product you’re trying to sell but your marketing materials are less than, well, beautiful? Maybe your product descriptions are not as enticing as they could be.  Or perhaps your web copy about the product’s …

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Copywriter for Construction Companies

It used to be that construction companies had no problem getting new business. They listed themselves in the local Yellow Pages, passed out business cards to a few industry contacts, and then waited for the phone to ring. And it …

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A Copywriter for Lawyers Can Help Grow Your Law Practice

Marketing Copy for Promoting Law Firms Could your law firm use an infusion of new clients? Would you like to have your pick of cases instead of settling for anything that comes in your door? Could growing your client pipeline …

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Jewelry Copywriter

by Susan Greene Glittering. Shimmering. Sparkling. Just the mention of jewel-like qualities brings to mind images of magnificent baubles that catch the eye and stir the imagination. But even with such a compelling product, sales don’t necessarily come easy. A …

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How a B2B Copywriter Can Make Your Products Sell

What is a B2B copywriter? B2B stands for business-to-business.  A copywriter who specializes in this field assists businesses to create marketing materials promoting their products or services.  Those products or services are sold to other businesses, as opposed to directly …

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Copywriter for Chiropractors, Attract More Patients & Increase Revenue

Today’s chiropractors face a difficult challenge. They must balance doing what they were trained to do – caring for patients – with running a business. And one of the most difficult aspects of running a business is marketing. See if you’ve …

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Grow Your Medical Practice with Help from a Healthcare Copywriter

Attract New Patients If you’re in a healthcare-related business, your company’s focus is on how to provide the highest quality care.  Helping people get better and stay healthy is an admirable mission.  But in today’s highly competitive healthcare market, is …

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Copywriter for Professional Coaches & Consultants

As a professional coach, you’d like to spend most of your time helping others.  That’s why you chose this profession and it’s where you shine brightest. Do you feel like you’re missing out on great coaching clients because people don’t …

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Product Copywriters Compose Descriptions that Sell

If you’ve ever done any in-person selling, then you know the importance of watching your prospect and customizing your pitch to get the sale.  The prospect’s verbal cues and body language help you to gauge how you’re doing and adjust …

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Copywriter for Startups

So you’re finally going to take a shot at turning your dream into reality and start your new business. Good for you. As a startup, one of the first projects you’ll need to tackle is designing and writing your business website. …

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Copywriter for Interior Designers

If you’re like many interior designers, your best sources of new business are friends, family and clients you’ve worked with in the past. They’re the ones passing out your name to the people they know and giving you repeat business. …

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Copywriter for Photographers

If you’re like most photographers, your best sources of new business are friends, family and your existing clients. They’re the ones passing out your name to the people they know and praising the quality of your work. That’s probably been …

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