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Orlando, Florida

Schlegel Law Group is a family law practice established in 2000 by Scott Schlegel.  It specializes in working with clients going through a divorce, child custody case, adoption or other family-related legal matters.  
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Schlegel Law Group


While Schlegel Law Group had a thriving practice, most of its clients came from referrals.  The firm had an existing website but felt it wasn’t bringing in any new business.

The Orlando market where Schlegel practices is extremely competitive.  Many lawyers vie for the same clients.  In order to attract more new business, Schlegel needed a website that ranked high on the search engines for its main keywords.

It also needed that site to be effective in persuading visitors to contact the law firm and schedule a free consultation.  Those consultations were Schlegel’s best opportunity to convert prospects into clients.



Working along with Schlegel Law Group’s marketing firm, High Forge, Susan Greene wrote a website that provided solid information to individuals considering a divorce or other type of family law matter.  The site was less “salesy” and more educational in tone, even though each page did include a call to action.


Additionally, Susan made sure to punch up the information on some of Schlegel Law’s most successful niches such as gay divorce and mediation. Attorney Scott Schlegel wanted visitors to know those areas were specialties and his firm was uniquely qualified to assist on those matters.




The new website, in addition to a much more contemporary and sophisticated design, had significantly more information than the old site.  It also better conveyed the compassion and concern that the staff genuinely feel for its clients, many of whom are going through a difficult time in their lives.

While it’s still early to determine results, the law firm is optimistic that its new, much improved website will help build its brand and ultimately result in an increase in new business inquiries.

Does your website bring you new business? If not, it might be time to make some changes.

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