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Well-written copy is important, but so is professional web design. Make sure your website reflects the image you want prospective customers to see.

How to Choose a Website Designer

Now that you’ve decided that you’re ready to create a website for your business, the question is how to do it. It seems that everyone from your 14-year-old nephew to the 70-year-old grandma next door is able to design a …


When Creating a Website, Is Good Copy Enough?

You’ve drafted your website text, and you’re confident the content explains your products or services.  Good web copy is a definite competitive advantage, but is it enough? Unfortunately, the answer is no.  You need a quality web design, one that underscores …


Banish Ugly Content, Apply These Web Design Principles

Your website is developed. You’ve got your basic design and it looks good. Yay! Now you want to add content to your pages. Don’t muck up a pretty design with ugly pages or poor copywriting. Think of every page as …



25 Easy Tips for Writing
Compelling Copy


You hit it out of the park!

Once again, Susan, I think you hit it out of the park. Your article for The Coleman Report is spot on. I even caught myself reading a few of those lines in Sundip’s {CEO} voice in my head!

I will go ahead and send out to Sundip and Ailleen for review. This is really good work!

Anish Dhanjee
Marketing Associate
AVANA Capital
Glendale, Arizona

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