Copywriting Services

  • Do you love talking about your business but can’t find the right words when you’re sitting in front of the keyboard? 
  • Do you find that no matter how many times you rewrite your copy it never sounds quite right?
  • Do you have an endless list of projects awaiting your attention and composing clever sentences simply isn’t the best use of your time?

You're Not Alone. Seriously!

Plenty of smart, talented people with heaps of accomplishments recognize that copywriting just isn’t their thing.

That’s where I come in. Whether you need content for your website, a sales letter that makes your phone ring, or a press release that tells the world about your amazing product, I’ll compose copy that gets the job done with panache.

Copywriting Services


Your website is often the first impression customers get about your business. Make sure it tells your company's story in a way that's both elegant and persuasive.


Let customers know how your product will improve their life with an enthusiastic, detailed description that gets them reaching for their credit card.

Slash through Internet clutter with focused content that targets a specific audience and promotes one particular product, service or application.
The world has moved online but brochures, whether they're in print or digital form, still have value in a comprehensive marketing plan.
Reach out to your audience with a well-crafted sales letter that articulates your product's benefits and compels the reader to take action.
New products, awards won and special events are noteworthy achievements worthy of promotion. Don't miss an opportunity for visibility.
Charismatic content that engages your subscribers will build your authority and keep you at the forefront of your customer's mind.
A blog becomes a platform to strengthen your relationship with customers, attract prospects and gain credibility as an industry expert.
Showcase your best successes. Real-life situations that demonstrate your product in action make for engaging stories.
Get your website onto page 1 of Google for your main keywords. It's the best free advertising you'll ever have. Then watch your site's traffic surge.
A copy editor will improve your text, correcting any errors, optimizing its effectiveness and adding to its professionalism.
The way your website looks creates an instant impression about your company. Don't let a poor design detract from your message.
The written word is extremely persuasive, especially when married with attractive product photos. Nail the sale with detailed product descriptions.
When space limits how much you can say, you’ll want to craft your message with care. Choose words that will persuade the consumer to buy now!
You only have a few seconds to impress the employer with your resume. Be sure it presents you as an excellent candidate for the job you want.
If your project isn't listed here, don't be concerned. Those are just a few of my copywriting services. In my 25+ years as a full-time copywriter, I've also gained experience writing ads, product labels, catalogs, technical articles, direct mailers, video scripts, radio spots, cover letters, e-mails, product descriptions, biographies, executive summaries and more!

If it needs words, you need me.

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