Client Reviews

Over the many years I’ve been in business as a freelance copywriter, I’ve received many accolades from clients.  I used to keep the written compliments in a private file and peek at them every now and then, especially if I felt I needed a booster shot of confidence.

At some point I realized these client reviews weren’t doing me any good hidden in my files.  While modesty is an admirable trait, today’s consumer wants to know as much as possible about a person whose services they’re considering buying. It is for that reason that I added client reviews to my website.

I believe these third-party endorsements give insight into my professionalism.  Better than any words I could write myself, they reveal how much I genuinely care about my clients and their success.

The Testimonials come from emails clients sent me upon having received the copy I’d written for them.

The References come from letters of recommendation clients wrote for me attesting to my skills.

I hope you’ll take a quick moment to look through these client reviews.  And I look forward to some day soon adding one from you to these pages.

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Susan Greene
Freelance Copywriter
Orlando, Florida

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