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Blogs Position You as the Authority

Blogs are one of today’s most popular marketing tools. Once considered only an instrument for self expression, they’re now seen as an effective method for building a brand and generating sales.

A well-written blog becomes a platform that enhances your relationship with existing customers, exposes your company to potential new customers and positions you as an industry expert.

Technical Skills Not Required

Blog software, such as WordPress, is designed for the layperson to use. No technical ability needed to publish your posts. If you already have a company website, you may be able to simply add a blog to it.

You can also create a stand-alone blog. Your web designer will probably steer you toward a particular theme, which is another word for blog design. That theme can be used as is or customized to your needs.

Blogs Help with SEO

Blogs that are integrated into your corporate website can help your site gain search engine ranking, which then translates into increased traffic. Because you’re continually adding content via your blog, search engines notice that your site is fresh and informative.

Blogs also give you the opportunity to use keywords, those words that your prospective customers are putting into the search box. If you’re selling antique tea kettles, for example, every post on your site can target the keyword phrase “antique tea kettles” as well as related phrases like “18th century tea kettles” and “European tea kettles.”

That type of content positions you as the authority on antique tea kettles both to Google and your visitors, and you can link from your blog to related sales pages on your website.

Write Like You Speak

Keep your website fresh by regularly posting new content. Posts can be as short or long as you desire. Stick to one main point or topic per post.

The most popular blogs today use a friendly, conversational tone. Forget what your high school English teacher taught you about thesis statements and proper sentence structure. Blogging is far less formal.

Instead, write as though you were speaking. Inject a bit of your personality. Talk with passion about your subject or demonstrate your sense of humor. Don’t be afraid to get personal, as that’s the best way to forge a connection with your readers.

What to Blog About

Coming up with ideas for blog posts takes creativity.  You’ll want to offer quality content that’s relevant to your chosen niche or your readers will evaporate.  Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

  1. New products
  2. Upcoming events
  3. Industry trends
  4. Customer success stories
  5. Product or service reviews
  6. Behind the scenes
  7. Charity work
  8. Contests
  9. Reader polls
  10. How-to information

In addition to well-written copy, make your posts visually appealing.  Include photos.  Break up big blocks of text with subheads, bullet points, charts, infographics and even video.

Embrace Social Media

Social media and blogging go hand-in-hand. Networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook are perfect places to announce new posts and attract new readers.  Your best posts may even go viral with your online contacts promoting them to their own networks.

Another way to increase visibility and draw people to your blog is for you to write guest posts on other people’s blogs. So, let’s say you have a florist shop. You might offer to write a guest post for wedding blogs on the subject of selecting flowers for your wedding. Or perhaps you can write a guest post for an interior design blog on the subject of decorating with flowers.

With each guest blog post you should include a short bio at the end that gives you credibility as an expert in your field and offers a link back to your own blog to help grow your subscriber base.


Get Help Producing Blog Content

Write new posts on a regular basis and make sure those posts have good substance.  Ask yourself if writing blog posts is the best use of your time and something you enjoy.  If not, then consider outsourcing that function to a professional blog writer.

You can determine your level of involvement.  Come up with the topics yourself or let the blog writer offer suggestions. Often having an “outsider” develop ideas is a way to add a new perspective to your blog content and keep it fresh.

One piece of advice. Don’t discount the value of good copywriting for your blog posts. They shouldn’t be throw-aways. If your posts are boring, are written unprofessionally or don’t offer useful information, you’ll not only see your readership decline, you’ll also do damage to your brand.

Quality is important in every aspect of your business including your blog content. So be sure to uphold the same high standards for your blog that you do for everything else.

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