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Use Landing Pages to Convert Visitors into Qualified Leads

In the early days of the Internet, you built a website for your company and assumed most visitors would come through your front door, the home page. If they used a search engine like Google to find you, your home page was the link shown in search results.

Today, search engines are a lot more sophisticated. And so are the searchers. They’re more specific in the keywords they use to search. And they expect results that are more precisely matched to their query.

With millions of websites in nearly every niche vying for attention, how do you ensure prospective customers will find their way to your website? One proven strategy is to create landing pages.

Landing Pages Have a Focused Message

A professional copywriter can craft a landing page that will cut through Internet clutter with tightly focused content. It should target a specific audience and promote one particular product, service or offer.

For example, let’s say you have a website promoting your home renovation business. While the copywriting on the home page is about your renovation capabilities in general, you could build landing pages that speak to your individual services.

Think of each of those pages as a doorway through which a visitor might enter. Here are some examples of landing page subjects:

  • Give your kitchen an affordable update
  • Remodel your bathroom with style
  • Design the perfect media room
  • Finish your basement on a budget
  • Build an addition that adds value to your home

You can also create separate, distinct landing pages for different buyer personas.  Perhaps the industrial adhesive your company makes can be used in military equipment, car engines and computer hard drives.  Each of those applications targets a specific market and deserves its own focused landing page.

Dedicate a full page to each of  those topics and you’ll attract visitors interested in that specific niche.  Furthermore, by highlighting each subject individually, you look like a specialist in that area, which is an effective marketing strategy.

How Visitors Find Your Landing Page

How visitors find your landing page

A landing page is any page that gets traffic from anywhere other than the main pages of your website.  It’s most commonly associated with search engine results and pay-per-click ads like Google Adwords, which allow you to direct traffic to a specific URL (web address) targeted to those visitors.

Visitors can arrive on your landing page after clicking a link from an online ad, e-mail, social media like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, or other type of promotion targeted toward a specific audience.

What’s most important is that they took action to qualify themselves as interested in your narrowly focused topic. That’s vertical marketing at its best — growing sales in one particular niche.

Eliminate Distractions

Once visitors “land” on your landing page, you want to be sure the information they find meets their expectations. It should speak to the topic and nothing else. If it meets their needs, they won’t click the back button, and you’ll soon have a future customer in the making.

The ideal landing page should have limited options. Features like the navigation menu, side bar, and links to internal pages will distract from the purpose of your landing page. Landing pages increase conversions by focusing on a singular marketing objective. So keep it simple!

One Goal – Lead Generation

The objective of a landing page is lead generation. You want visitors to contact you for information or give you at least one valuable piece of data – their email address. Since most buyers don’t reach for their wallet the first time they learn of a product or service, getting their email address provides you with an opportunity to contact them again with targeted marketing and eventually convert them into a customer.

Craft an Irresistible Offer

To persuade prospects to give you their email address and possibly other personal information, you need to offer an incentive of value, something they might want related to the subject matter. Usually it’s a form of digital media, which you can give at no cost. Some examples of enticements frequently used as free giveaways are:

  • Reports
  • White papers
  • Ebooks
  • Newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • Checklists
  • Blog subscriptions
  • Webinars
  • Recorded presentations
  • Videos
  • Consultation services
  • Contest entries
  • Free trials
  • E-courses
  • Notification of future product launches
  • Discount coupons

Get landing page copy that converts

Convert Visitors into Prospective Customers

When properly written, landing pages convert visitors into sales leads. Even if you don’t plan on selling a product now, capturing email addresses to develop a database is worthwhile for the future. When you do decide to sell something, you’ll already have a list of qualified prospects.

Want to determine how well your landing page is working? Track your analytics to see how many visitors arrive on your page, how long they stay and how many take the desired action — provide their email address so you can continue marketing to them.

A Proven Formula for Landing Page Success

A winning formula for an effective landing page includes the following elements:

  • A well-worded headline
  • A supporting subhead
  • An eye-catching image, often called the hero shot
  • Descriptive copy of features
  • Benefit statements
  • Customer testimonials
  • Social proof that shows others approve (i.e. Over 1,000 sold!)
  • A call-to-action with opt-in form for visitors to complete

When writing your call-to-action, be sure it conveys the value of your offer and the relevance to your prospect, which will lead to a higher response rate. On lengthy landing pages, repeat your call-to-action in multiple places. At the bottom of the page, your call-to-action should include a final, compelling benefit statement to close the deal.

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