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Present Your Company in the Best Light with Creative Marketing Copy

Despite all the buzz about selling on the Internet, brochures still have a place in many marketing programs. The printed word gives credibility to a company and should work in tandem with your website and other promotional tools to strengthen your market position.

As a brochure copywriter, I’ve been creating collateral materials for all types of businesses for over 20 years. In that time, I’ve honed a skill for presenting a company in its best light.

To write your brochure, I’ll ask you lots of questions. I want to understand your objectives and sales process. I’ll dig deep and get to know your target audience. What’s important to them? What is their biggest concern? Then I’ll tell an interesting story that resonates with prospects and persuades them to become your customers.

Brochure Writers Use Compelling Copy to Get Results

There is a science to creating an effective brochure. The correct formula is much more than slapping your logo on the cover and sticking a few paragraphs about your company on the inside.  I collaborate with a graphic designer (yours if you have one; mine if you don’t), to create eye-catching literature that makes your selling points in a way that is memorable.

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Deliver Your Message with Authority

Well-organized, easy-to-read brochure copy

As a professional copywriter, I’ll make sure that your brochure text is easy to understand. It will be concise but chock-full of persuasive information targeted specifically to your audience.

Intriguing positioning statement

The cover of your brochure will include a headline or compelling positioning statement. Your main message will be communicated within the first paragraph and then expanded upon throughout the brochure. And it’s a message that will be echoed on your company website. Consistency is a big part of building a brand.

Scannable, catchy, and informative subheads

The brochure copy will be visually scannable, with lots of catchy, informative subheads to catch the eye. Strong benefit statements will be supported by features and “reasons why.” Finally, a professional brochure writer will artfully craft a call-to-action that ensures your brochure gets results.

Get Brochure Copy That Works

I can write the following types of brochures:

  • Corporate capabilities
  • Product
  • Pamphlet leave-behind
  • Data sheet
  • Corporate image
  • Catalog
  • Self-mailer
  • Online brochure

Spectacular job


Thanks for a spectacular job on this brochure! You have created something special for us. It has been so easy to work together that I look forward to another project and will be calling you again next week to discuss!

Jim Dullanty
Principal | Partner
Altius Learning
Denver, Colorado

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Susan Greene, Freelance Copywriter

Your brochure should be an effective sales tool. You want to be sure it represents your brand well and tells your story in a way that connects with your prospective customers.

Don’t settle for dull, sluggish brochure copy when the right words will deliver your message with gusto. Get fresh brochure copy that sparkles with originality! Contact me, Susan Greene, brochure writer, to discuss your project. (Brochure graphic design also available upon request.)

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