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Soar to New Heights with a Company Newsletter

Company newsletters have always been a valuable marketing tool, an engaging yet subtle sales technique for building loyalty with customers.  However, as mailing costs have become increasingly prohibitive, many companies have switched to e-newsletters.  By e-mailing their newsletters they still realize all the benefits of a traditional newsletter but without the expense.

Stay in Touch with Your Customers

Sent to an opt-in list, they are an excellent way to:

  • Introduce your company to new prospects
  • Maintain contact with your current customers
  • Build your brand
  • Promote new products, services or special offers
  • Position your company as the authority on a certain subject
  • Capture names and contact information of people who visit
    your website

Quality Content is Key

What kind of information is appropriate for an e-newsletter? Anything that will be of interest or value to your subscribers. That can include data about industry trends, news from the field, success stories, case studies, plans for your company, information about new products, helpful tips about applications of your products, links to relevant websites, and more.

Write the e-newsletter in an interesting way. Don’t be afraid to show some personality or inject a little humor. Behind-the-scenes stories can help your customers get to know you and feel privileged to be part of your tribe. Use eye-catching headlines. Photos help break up the text and captions are one of the first things people always read.

What’s most important is that your e-newsletter provide useful information. While you can include a subtle sales pitch, it must be balanced with factual stories to keep your readers engaged.

Encourage your subscribers to share your e-newsletter by forwarding it friends. Include links to your profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and any other social media on which you participate so your readers can connect with you across multiple platforms.


E-newsletters Attract Potential Customers

People view the Internet as a place to learn. Fill your e-newsletter with useful information, and you’ll find you have a loyal subscriber base from which to cull customers.

Don’t forget to archive old newsletters on your website. New prospects who discover your company may want to read them. Also, search engines love newsletters’ keyword-rich copy and will reward your site with a higher ranking.

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Susan Greene, Freelance Copywriter

A company newsletter becomes a platform that enhances your relationship with customers and increases your authority in whatever industry you serve. It can be a valuable component of any comprehensive marketing program.

If you need assistance in writing a company newsletter, I hope you’ll contact me, Susan Greene, freelance copywriter. I’m based in Orlando, Florida, but work with companies all over the world. I offer compelling copy at affordable rates, ensuring you get a solid return on investment.

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