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Quality Copy Deserves Great Design

What’s a page dedicated to web design doing on a copywriter’s website? While my primary service is copywriting, that doesn’t mean I view web design as irrelevant. Quite the contrary.

Quality copy goes hand-in-hand with beautiful design. Ideally, the two complement each other and work in unison to present the image desired.

The way your website is designed creates an impression about your company’s professionalism and credibility.  If the design isn’t polished, the best copy in the world won’t get readers to trust you with their business.  The copy must look as good as it sounds.

The best web designs should:

  • Be easy to navigate
  • Project an image of professionalism
  • Clearly convey what the site is about
  • Answer any questions in the visitor’s mind
  • Convince your target to fall in love with your brand
  • Be search engine friendly (SEO)

Make the User Experience Priority #1

Professional web designers create websites that are both beautiful and usable.  They give visitors a positive experience that keeps them from hitting the back button before they’ve found the information they seek or completed the desired action.

The home page should invite people inside a website to learn more.  Simplicity is best.  You don’t want to overwhelm the visitor with text or conflicting choices.  Present just a few things at a time asthey become relevant.

Ideally, you want to create experiences that feel familiar to visitors so they can explore your website with no learning curve.

Keep these basic design principles in mind:

  • Draw attention to the most important areas
  • Use graphics and photos to support the copy
  • Choose an easy-to-read color and font
  • Employ headlines and subheads to keep visitors reading
  • Make the copy easy to digest by using short paragraphs
  • Break up big chunks of text with bullets and white space

DIY Web Design

While many of today’s platforms offer do-it-yourself web design, you’re probably best to hire a professional web designer if your budget allows. As in any discipline, a pro will have the education, experience and tools to create something that is superior to what you as a layperson could design on your own.

The best designers have a strong grasp on important concepts like color, typography, spacial relationships and user experience. They should also have an understanding of marketing so their designs target prospective users and are effective in converting visitors into customers.

Finally, if you’re considering doing your own website design, ask yourself if that’s the best use of your time. Are there other areas demanding your attention? A pro can get your website up and running while you focus on other important aspects of your business.

How to Choose a Web Designer

As with most service providers, asking for recommendations from business associates or other professionals you trust is a good place to start. When you get a referral, check out examples of the web designer’s work to be sure you like his or her style. Read client reviews. Ask for references if you want further confirmation of the web designer’s skills.

Look for someone with whom you feel comfortable working. A website is a dynamic marketing tool. You’ll likely want to add to it or change it as your business grows. If you have confidence in your web designer, you’ll have a partner to whom you can turn for ideas to build your brand.

Web Designers vs. Web Developers

While the terms are often used interchangeably, web design is a different discipline than web development. A web designer uses graphic design software to create a visually appealing layout for the pages of a website. The colors, graphics and imagery combined with the copy must reflect the brand and accomplish whatever is the stated goal of the website.

A web developer brings the web designer’s vision to life, using code to build the website’s backbone and make the site functional. Working in HTML, CSS, Javascript or one of the many other languages specific to the web, the developer executes the plan laid out by the web designer and also employs best SEO (search engine optimization) practices. Ultimately, the two professionals are working toward the same goal – a website that looks great and is technically sound.

Can I Refer You to a Web Designer?

In the 20-plus years I’ve been a professional copywriter, I’ve worked with dozens of web designers. Some were great; others not so much.

I would be glad to give you a referral to a web designer who will meet your needs. You’ll just need to tell me a bit about your project.

The designers who get my referrals are talented professionals who not only produce quality work but also ensure the entire design process is a pleasant experience for their clients.

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