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Hire an American Copywriter & Watch Your U.S. Sales Soar

Choose a Native English Speaker to Write Your Website Copy

Sell your products to Americans. Get an English website.

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Does your international company want to sell its products or services abroad? If your target market includes the United States or other countries where English is spoken, then one of your first steps should be to build a website in English. And not just any English – American English written by a native English speaker.

Hire an American copywriter to choose the right words for promoting your business to the world and watch your sales explode!

marketing copy

A native English speaker is best suited to write marketing copy.

A Website Is Crucial

Having an internet presence is critical to establishing credibility, particularly if your company is not based in the U.S. Americans are cautious when purchasing products and services online. They want to know the company they’re dealing with is legitimate and will live up to any claims it makes.

The very first place an American will turn to find a product or service is the web.  A website written in American English by a native English speaker will go a long way in building trust. It’s not enough to have attractive photos or impressive graphics.  Your website must answer the questions the searcher is asking.

Provide useful information, and you’ll capture the visitor’s attention. An American copywriter can choose words that position your company as the expert in its field. Furthermore, using American English will give the appearance of being a U.S. company or at least one accustomed to selling to the U.S. market, which gives you added credibility.

American copywriter

Targeting American consumers? Copy composed by an American copywriter is likely to be most effective.

According to Arancho Doc, a global translation agency, a well-written English website enables your company to:

  • Sell abroad
  • Grow faster
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Improve conversion rates (turn visitors into customers)

The United States is the world’s largest consumer market. But the competition is great too, both for domestic and international brands. Build a well-written, well-designed website, and you’ll be better positioned to succeed.

Your Copy Must Sound Authentic

Treat American consumers with respect and they will reward you with their patronage. Try to deceive them and you are destined to fail.

Americans respect honesty. They appreciate straightforward information. If your copy contains generic statements or fluffy descriptions, you’ll create skepticism and have a harder time converting visitors into customers.

In your rush to be picked, get noticed or build buzz, your instinct may be to over-promise. Instead, a skilled copywriter will stick to the facts, and your copy will sound authentic.

Americans can detect lies. Information regarding the benefits of your product is expected. But don’t lie, exaggerate, withhold information, or mislead. You’ll be expected to deliver whatever you promise. And if you want repeat business and referrals from loyal customers, you’ll want to meet and, if possible, surpass their expectations.

Build Trust with Testimonials

To further support your claims, consider adding social proof in the form of customer testimonials. These quotes listed on your website can range from a single sentence or two to a few paragraphs. Ideally, you want to include the customer’s full name, title, company (if relevant) and photo. You can also use video testimonials for added credibility.

technology, internet and entertainment concept - two smiling teenage girls in white t-shirts with laptop computer

Written testimonials from happy, satisfied customers can help foster trust.

A longer version of testimonials can become a detailed case study.  Define the customer’s problem and then reveal how your product or service solved it.  Add a few quotes from the customer and photos, if possible.  Having third party endorsements will enhance the believability of your statements.

Americans Want Value

Whether rich or poor, Americans want value. And they do their homework to make sure they get it.

They’ll evaluate all features of your product or service and compare them to competitor offerings. They’ll read every word of your description and scrutinize your photos to ensure they’re getting exactly what they want. They’ll compare prices if you publish them.

Skip the hype, and make your information clear and easy to understand. Point out all the positive qualities of the product so the visitor can appreciate all that they’re getting for the price.  Convey the information in a way that is engaging and believable.

Use American English Crafted by a Native Speaker

Search online and you’ll find plenty of copywriters offering to write your website in English. But not all copywriters speak the English you want. If you are targeting Americans, the copy must be written by an American, a native English speaker for whom American English is a first language.

Tell your story

Tell the story of your company in conversational American English to get your visitor’s attention.

American copywriters are familiar with the literary and cultural nuances of the U.S. They understand implied meanings and subtle statements. They know the transitional terms, popular expressions, grammar and phraseology Americans use. And they can write the copy with the tone you want, whether that’s elegant and formal or casual and fun.

U.S. copywriters also realize that well-chosen words translate into power. They will write copy that resonates with fellow Americans. Someone who has learned English as a second language or was not born and raised in the U.S. and is therefore not a native English speaker  may not have mastered those elements.

Spelling Counts

Nothing will bring attention to your foreign heritage more quickly than spellings that are not American English. Americans spell words like favorite, humor, gray, center and theater differently than their British, Australian and Canadian counterparts.

Proofread written material

A native English speaker is best able to avoid making written mistakes.

If your primary market is the United States, be sure to choose commonly-used American spellings.  And that goes for grammar too!

Translations Don’t Cut It

If you already have a website or other marketing materials written in your country’s native tongue, don’t assume you can simply translate them into English. Americans can spot translated copy, and it won’t ring true. They can also tell when someone who is not 100% fluent has written the text.

The copy must sound natural, not forced. It must flow. Copy that is awkward will cause your prospective customers to hesitate. And if they don’t believe your copy, they won’t buy your product.

According to Copywriter for Translation Companies, “Translation agencies can take existing marketing copy in a foreign language and translate it into English. Although the copy may be technically correct at that stage, it usually requires something more. It needs copy editing and possibly rewriting to turn awkward, foreign-sounding sentences into smooth, compelling prose.”

Be sure your communications are targeted to your audience. The way to stand out amid the communication clutter is with native English copywriting by an American copywriter that first empathizes with your prospects, then educates them about your product or service, and finally compels them to action.

Captivate Your Readers

When crafting your copy for the U.S. and other English-speaking markets, be sure it meets the following criteria:

  • Explains product features — Include details like size, color, composition, construction, unique qualities and more.
  • Describes benefits — Tell customers how the product will solve their problem and make their life better.
  • Is engaging and straightforward — Use familiar vocabulary, avoid jargon, and keep sentences short and easy to understand.
  • Uses good grammar and spelling — Nothing detracts from your professionalism faster than misspelled words or bad grammar.  And check your punctuation too.
  • Works in concert with photos, graphics and design elements — Your pictures should complement your copy.  They should work together to communicate the message.
  • Uses words and phrases that support your branding — Consider the connotations of the words you choose.  How will they enhance or detract from your brand?
  • Includes a persuasive call to action to convert readers into leads — If you’ve done a good job educating visitors, you should have no problem asking for the sale.

Targeting the U.S. market is a smart move. Plenty of Americans are doing well and have money to spend. That includes individual consumers (for B2C sales) as well as companies (for B2B sales).

Americans love to shop

Many Americans have disposable income and enjoy shopping as a pasttime.

Additionally, most Americans are comfortable shopping online thanks to the reliability of companies like Amazon. They have confidence that anything they order will be delivered to them without problem.

According to a recent poll by Pew Research Center, eight in ten Americans shop online. That’s 79% of U.S. consumers who shop on the web or their phones, up from just 22% back in 2000. And 15% buy online on a weekly basis. Now don’t you want a slice of that yummy pie?

All you have to do is attract Americans to your website with good copy that causes them to stop, think and ultimately reach for their wallet. Need help? Contact Susan Greene, an American copywriter and native English speaker and a team of talented freelancers to get your marketing projects done right!

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Sell your products to Americans. Get an English website.

Request a no-obligation quote on your project.

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