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Copywriter for Translation Companies

Increase the effectiveness of your translated copy to appeal to an English-speaking market

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In today’s global economy and with the extended reach that e-commerce provides, many businesses are able to expand well beyond their own borders.

No longer are they limited to their small local area as their target market. Their customers can come from almost any state or country, increasing their revenue potential exponentially.

With the right marketing, today’s companies can expand their businesses beyond their borders.

Creating Marketing Materials in English

The challenge for these companies is how to market their business abroad. How can they make their products and services known to people overseas?

Their marketing and brand-building materials must be as effective globally as they are locally. Often the best place to start is to create marketing materials in English. Enter translation companies.

To stand out amid the clutter, English copy must be carefully crafted.

Translation agencies can take existing marketing copy in a foreign language and translate it into English. But the work doesn’t end there.

Although the copy may be technically correct at that stage, it usually requires something more. It needs copy editing and possibly rewriting to turn awkward, foreign-sounding sentences into smooth, compelling prose.

A native English speaker who has copywriting skills is your best bet for effective English copy.

Choose a Native English Speaker/Writer

A professional copywriter who is a native English speaker can work with the translation company to perfect the text. She can correct the copy so it no longer sounds like it was translated from another language.

Why bother? Well-written copy becomes “invisible.” It allows the reader to focus on what the content is saying and what it means rather than how it’s being said.

Artfully crafted copy

Artfully crafted copy allows the reader to focus on the meaning rather than the writing’s technical aspects.

Localization Can Improve Copy Effectiveness

In some cases, the copy may even require localization, adapting the copy to appeal to the readers’ cultural preferences and better connect with them in their own language.

For example, a website targeting British customers might refer to travel as “going on holiday,” while a site that targets U.S. customers would refer to travel as “going on vacation.” Those slight differences can be critical to the copy’s effectiveness in persuading the reader to take action.

Localization takes into account cultural differences and written nuances.

According to The Language Blog, a good translation “is an intricate and often subjective process that goes far beyond a simplistic word-for-word exchange. A good translation needs to carry the meaning and the tone of the original text, while still remaining culturally sensitive and appropriate to the target audience.”

good translation

A good translation reflects the tone, meaning and emotion of the original text.

Quality Written Content of All Types

A freelance copywriter and native English speaker can provide copywriting, proofreading, copy editing and localization services to translation companies at an affordable rate and for wide variety of content including:

American copywriter

An American copywriter can create text that sounds authentic and inspires trust.

Working with a professional copywriter will help you ensure your translated or custom-composed copy sounds authentic and is effective at connecting with your prospects.

In particular, working with an American copywriter, someone familiar with the literary and cultural nuances of the U.S., will result in copy that resonates with fellow Americans.

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Need help improving the quality of your English translations?

Get a no-obligation quote on your copywriting project.

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