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8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Marketing Plan

A Social Media Copywriter Can Optimize Your Online Presence

Want to grow your brand and generate more leads? Optimize your social media presence.

Work with a professional social media copywriter.

Over the course of the past decade, social media has arisen to where it now sits firmly by itself on a pinnacle. It’s become a critical component in the digital marketing landscape that can propel your business to new heights.

In fact, if you haven’t yet joined the ranks of marketers who are tapping into the endless opportunities that can be found there, you’re missing out. But haphazard posting and random comments aren’t the best approach.

A well thought out and properly executed marketing plan by a social media copywriter, is the best way to maximize your visibility on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. 

A social media campaign can enable you to reach potentially millions of prospective customers around the world, people whose path you’d otherwise never cross. 

social media

If your business is not actively participating on social media, you’re missing out on potential customers.

Start with Google My Business

You may be telling yourself that you’re a small operation content with catering to local customers in and around your neighborhood.

That’s absolutely fine but you still should take advantage of a free social media platform named “Google My Business”. Done right, it can give you a decisive edge over competitors and attract new business. This powerful tool allows you to shine a spotlight on your company and drive customer engagement.

With a Google My Business account, you get more than a business listing. Your free Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps. And once again, Google offers it to businesses at no charge.

Need help getting set up? A social media copywriter can assist with creating your Google My Business profile. He or she can also help you post photos and special offers to your profile to highlight what makes your business unique, and give customers reasons to choose you every time.

small business social media

Small businesses and startups can use social media to go head-to-head with competitors, even if they have no advertising budget.

Once you have your Google My Business profile set up, it’s time to turn your attention to some of the other social media available. Consider the following 8 social media benefits to understand why in today’s commercial environment, you need to develop a social media platform for your business.  

1. You can engage with customers on an ongoing basis
Social media is a spectacular way for you to engage (connect) with and interact with your customers and prospects. In practical terms, the more times you make the effort to correspond with your audience, the greater your opportunities will be to convert and sell your products and services to them.

2. Higher levels of customer approval & fulfillment
Social media lets you create a unique voice on behalf of you and your business which, strategically speaking, you need to do in order to boost and improve the image consumers have of your brand.

social medai

Social media allows you to engage directly with customers and build loyalty.

You’ll discover that your customers love it that when they post comments on your page, they receive a quick and personal reply, rather than a technical sounding, automated message devoid of emotions or feelings. Try it and see!

3. Incredibly cost-effective with high ROI
Social media is a very cost-effective way to promote your business. While you can buy ads, you also have the option to gain visibility without spending anything. 

Unlike other more traditional media platforms — magazines, newspapers, television and radio — you can sign up and acquire social media accounts for free. Social media gives you the opportunity to reach out to a massive audience that numbers in the millions, improving your odds of success by giant leaps and bounds.

4. An increase in website traffic
One of the more obvious benefits that come from social media marketing is that it can drive more traffic to your website. Every time you post content on your social media platforms, you are giving readers a compelling reason to click on links to your website.

Build your brand

Build your brand with well-written posts, eye-catching photos and entertaining video.

5. Heightened brand awareness and loyalty
A bottom-line reality is this, if you make your presence known on social media, your prospects and customers will find you and, more importantly, connect with you!

Because social media lets you engage and interact with customers, this can, and does evolve into greater customer loyalty and repeat business.

6. Skyrocket the visibility of your business
If you don’t realize it by now, let’s be clear – social media is by far one of the most simplistic and profitable digital marketing platforms in use today to increase the visibility of your business in the marketplace, whenever and wherever that may be.

7. Marketplace awareness
By observing the activities and studying the comments posted by customers and prospects on your social media pages, you can clearly determine what’s important to your audience.

Learn about their interests, needs and opinions regarding your products and services. That intelligence is valuable to your business and can inform your decisions as you plan your business’s future. 

social media

Gain actionable insights from seeing what your customers say about your products on social media.

8. Transforming your brand into an authority
When your business comes across in the eyes and minds of consumers as being powerful, authoritative thought leaders, you gain brand loyalty in your niche.

Your customers and prospects can watch you on social media, witness you and your company replying in a timely manner to their queries, as well as posting original, forward-thinking content.

You are by default taking them by the hand and giving them all the reasons in the world for them to build and retain a positive image of you, your company and your brand in their minds.

This is what an organized, well-thought out social media marketing plan can do for your business, just as it is doing for so many other companies, just like yours. A social media copywriter can create and execute that plan for you, leaving you time to focus on growing your business.

Still need convincing that social media is worth the investment? Consider these statistics about social media marketing:

social media visibility

Use social media to gain visibility and build a loyal following for your brand.

  • 34% of bloggers post opinions about products and brands.
    More than 1.5 million pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photos, etc.) are shared on Facebook daily.
  • 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations and only 14% trust advertisements.
  • Social media can help you identify and engage your brand ambassadors. These are folks who are passionate about your brand and are not shy to talk about it using social media.

Your participation in social media gives you a unique opportunity to reach out to your customers through non-traditional channels.

Using social media to collaborate with your customers can provide insight into features and functionality your products or services may be missing, or generate new ideas for marketing.

Your customers know what they like and dislike about your product, and they share their opinions on social media sites. You can use that valuable feedback to make refinements and improvements.

What do all these statistics mean to you and your business? You can use strategically crafted social media communications to:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase on-line conversions
  • Generate leads / identify prospects
  • Increase sales and revenue
  • Enhance your brand at no cost
  • Establish your company as an industry expert
  • Build brand awareness and customer loyalty

Choose Social Media Channels that are Right for Your Business

With a large field of social media channels available, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to promote your business in a meaningful way on all of them. Instead, you’ll want to identify those social media sites that are can produce the best results for your business.

Determine whether your target market is other businesses,B2B, or consumers, B2C.

Pinpoint within your market who should be the primary recipient of your marketing messages. Is it business people, teenagers, women, moms, etc.? Then figure out where your target audience is hanging out.

target audience

Unless you’re a large business with unlimited resources, you probably don’t have the time to interact on all social media channels so pick the few that are most closely aligned with your target audience.

Facebook is clearly the big daddy of social networks with 2.7 billion monthly active users, and nearly half of them are active each day.

Close behind Facebook is YouTube, where people watch 5 billion videos daily and the average visitor spends 40 minutes on the site at a time.

LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B marketing and where most users are connected with companies.

Instagram is a powerful tool for promoting businesses and personal brands. Share photos and videos to grow your Instagram followers.

Sites like Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, Tumblr and Reddit also have massive audiences. And then there are niche sites such as GoodReads for bookworms and Untappd for beer aficionados.

creating content for social media

Creating content for your social media accounts doesn’t have to be long or complex. Supplement your posts with photos and videos to keep your fans engaged.

When you’re strategic about your social media use, you can focus your energy on those channels that will deliver the best results and ROI for your business.

At the end of the day, it’s no secret that your competitors are taking advantage of social media marketing on a regular basis and reaping the rewards that it brings.

So, ask yourself: 

  • Are you ready to increase your level of engagement with your customers and prospects?
  • Would you like to stand head and shoulders above your competition?
  • Would you like to be the first choice in the hearts and minds of your customers, when it comes to making a purchase?
  • Want to grow your brand, see more website traffic, and generate more leads and sales?

It’s time to maximize your social media presence.

Get help from a professional social media copywriter. Request a no-obligation quote on your project.

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Want to grow your brand and generate more leads? Optimize your social media presence.

Work with a professional social media copywriter.

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