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How many times a week do you get asked, “What’s your website address?” It used to be that a Yellow Pages ad, a business card and a brochure were all you ever needed to market your business. That’s certainly not the case today as consumers change the way they access information about products and services.

A quality website is an integral part of establishing business legitimacy and attracting new customers. If you don’t have a website, or if the website you have isn’t producing results, then it may be time to invest in professional website copywriting.

A professional website copywriter can:

  • Give your business a dynamic Internet presence
  • Get you prominent placement on search engines
  • Bring in new business leads
  • Convert prospects into paying customers
  • Educate your customers
  • Help you sell your products or services

"Build it and they will come," seems to be the unspoken slogan of web site design firms and ad agencies. Unfortunately, "cool" designs with "killer" features won’t generate traffic for you on their own.

The key to a successful website lies in knowing how to drive traffic to that site. To put it another way, unless you - or someone - markets your site, you'll have no visitors - so what's the point? Getting found on the web is the first thing savvy website copywriters and Internet marketers think when building a web site.

Here's what works: search engine optimization (SEO). SEO involves using the right title tags, meta tag descriptions and meta tag keywords for EVERY PAGE of your web site, not just your home page.

Even more important, is the skillful use of keywords within the copy of your website. While you're of course hoping to obtain a high search engine ranking for those keywords, your copy must still read naturally to your visitors. Otherwise, your visitors will click off, never giving you the chance to convert them into customers.

Search engines ignore flashy graphics and creative designs. They need text to determine what your site is all about and index it correctly. Visitors, too, need copy to determine if your product or service meets their need.

A skilled website copywriter can generate keyword-rich copy as well as title tags and meta tags that get you placement on search engines and then help convert visitors to your website into customers. That’s something most ad agencies and website designers can’t do for you. It requires a website copywriting specialist.

Think of website copywriting as an investment in your company's future. If the quality of your website brings you more customers and higher profits, it will pay for itself many times over.

Still not convinced? You'll find 10 more reasons to hire a website copywriter here.

For more information about website copywriting and search engine optimization, contact Susan Greene. Susan is a freelancer based in Orlando, Florida but works with clients all over the world. Let her quote your website copywriting project today! E-mail or call (407) 578-5528.


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