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Copywriter for Divorce Lawyers

Accelerate the Growth of Your Family Law Practice

Could your divorce law practice attract more clients with better website copy?

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Marketing Copy for Divorce Law Firms

If you’re a divorce lawyer, you’re well acquainted with the challenges of building a law practice. The TV and billboard advertising that some of the biggest, most established law firms in your geographic area use aren’t your style or perhaps aren’t within your budget.

You’ll need to think of other ways to create a pipeline of new clients, and attract the kinds of divorce cases you enjoy and are lucrative.

divorce clients

Create a pipeline of new divorce clients with proven marketing techniques.

A copywriter for divorce lawyers, someone who knows how to write marketing copy that attracts prospects, could be the right investment to grow your law practice and help you get out of the all too familiar feast-or-famine cycle.

Start with a Quality Website

Nowadays, building a divorce law practice is more challenging than ever before. The level of competition has increased in nearly every city. And many clients go right to the internet and choose low-cost legal counsel purchased online from sites like

If you rely solely on word-of-mouth referrals from existing clients and friends, you likely won’t grow your practice as fast as you’d like to. Today, you need to be more proactive in marketing your business. 

Promoting your divorce law firm begins with a quality website written by a professional copywriter for lawyers. It allows new clients to find you as well as gives referred clients an opportunity to check you out and see that you’re legit before contacting you for an appointment. So it’s important your online image represents you accurately.  

Take a look at your current website (assuming you have one) and ask yourself these five questions:

  1. Does your website explain your services, experience and capabilities?
  2. Is the site professional and likely to create a favorable impression?
  3. Do you proudly send people to your site or do you secretly wish they don’t find it?
  4. Does your website stack up well when compared to the competition’s?
  5. Is your website effective in generating new business leads for your divorce law practice?

Unless you’re able to give a full-throated “yes” to each of those questions, you’ll want to get to work improving your online presence.

divorce law website

If your website isn’t professional and compelling, you won’t be successful in attracting divorce clients who need your services.

“The most successful divorce lawyers have amazing websites,” according to Blue Corona in a recent article about client acquisition for lawyers. “Your law firm’s website is your most valuable marketing asset and can make or break your client acquisition efforts.”

What Makes a Website Effective

To be able to attract potential clients through your website, your content must communicate what makes you unique and better than other divorce lawyers. Anyone who lands on your site should be able to get an accurate impression of your law firm almost instantly. That means your site must look polished and professional to make a good first impression.

Your copy must make a strong case for your services and the value you bring to the table as an experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate divorce attorney.

Done right, your website accomplishes the following three goals:

  1. Builds your brand
  2. Positions you well against the competition
  3. Converts visitors into qualified prospects for your services

The Basics for Your Divorce Law Website

Most legal websites include the following basic pages:

  • Home page – Gives a quick overview of your services, specialties and credentials
  • About Us page – Tells who are the main attorneys at the firm and their background. Also talks a bit about how your firm is different and uniquely qualified in the divorce field.
  • Services – Explains what services you provide such as divorce, mediation, child custody issues, etc.
  • FAQs – Answers some of the most common questions you get from new clients and helps to allay any fears the client has about contacting you. You can have multiple FAQ pages related to each of your specialties.
  • Contact Us – Includes your full address, since most people want to work with a lawyer in their geographic area and your phone number and email address. You might even have a simple form they can fill out or an online chat feature that lets them talk via instant message with someone on your staff. Make it super-easy for prospects to contact you in whatever way they prefer.
prospective clients

Make it super-easy for prospective clients to contact you via your website by including your phone, email and physical address.

Additional Content for Your Website

Your website can be more than a sales piece for your divorce or family law practice. It can be a testimonial to your specialized knowledge and expertise. Working with a skilled copywriter for divorce lawyers, you can even use your everyday legal work for marketing purposes.  Consider these examples of items you can publish on your website, or blog if you have one, to attract new clients and cases:

  • Studies – Create case studies or long-form testimonials about your experiences working with clients, while of course keeping personal information confidential. Case studies can be published on your website or blog. They can also be used in newsletters to tout your successes in a tactful way that attracts new clients.
  • Articles – Write articles or blog posts about your briefs, legal memoranda or motions if you think they might have relevance to clients. Discuss specific cases, new laws, current events related to the legal profession, and give helpful advice. If you’ve successfully handled a legal issue for a client, write an informational summary that you can use to educate new clients about similar situations.
  • Landing Pages Pick one specific niche and create a detailed page around it such as child support or child custody battles. At the end of the page, include a call-to-action to encourage people dealing with this particular challenge to contact you for advice or perhaps a free report on the subject that you’ve created.
  • Resources – Provide useful resources on your website that can help couples who’ve made the tough decision to divorce and want to get it done without any legal assistance.

“You could provide templates for custody-sharing arrangements, for instance. Be helpful,  and provide value to the broader market — some of those people may then reach out when they decide they can’t do it alone,” according to in an article titled Solving the Divorce Lawyer Marketing Problem. At the same time, you are building your image as an industry authority.

useful divorce content

Include useful information and resources on your website related to divorce and family law to position your firm as experts in the field.

Don’t worry about clients not calling you because they’ve read your published information and now don’t need you. That’s unlikely to be the case.

By offering useful information that is just enough to answer potential clients’ initial questions, you’re positioning your law firm as an expert on a given issue or topic, and they’re more likely to contact you for help with their individual situation.

SEO for Lawyers

Today most people start their search for a divorce or family lawyer with Google.  If your website doesn’t rank on page 1 or 2 for your legal specialty or geographic area, then you won’t be found.  And that means, you won’t have a chance to try to win the client’s business.

family law website

If your family law website doesn’t rank high on Google, searchers won’t find it and give you an opportunity to vie for their business.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessity if you want your website to come up organically (as opposed to paid ads) in search results.

Writing and publishing valuable content, using the relevant keywords your prospective clients are searching for, is a great way to improve your site’s visibility. A copywriter who understands SEO can help you write copy and employ proven techniques to achieve good ranking.

Other Marketing Tools

Your law firm’s website shouldn’t be your only marketing tool. A copywriter for divorce or family law firms can also help you create:

  • Brochures
  • Direct mailers/postcards
  • Email campaigns
  • Articles in magazines
  • Online and offline ads
  • Social media posts (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Reports and ebooks
  • Webinars and seminars

Today’s most successful law firms are continually building their brand and promoting their services.  They become the authorities in their space and use proven marketing tactics like the ones mentioned above to gain visibility not only to prospective clients but also to other professionals who can potentially refer business their way.

law firm marketing

The most successful law firms are continually marketing their services to create a steady flow of new clients.

What Clients Want

As you well know, clients seeking a divorce attorney are usually going through a difficult time in their life. They’ve likely never been down this road before, and everything seems new and scary.

They want a divorce attorney who is local, professional, knowledgeable, responsive and communicates well. That attorney will be someone the client feels they can trust. That attorney supports their basic philosophy toward divorce and recognizes the importance of putting their children  first in the legal process by not making unreasonable child support demands or custody arrangements. That attorney is affordable.

copywriter for divorce lawyers

Couples that want a divorce need your help. Make sure they can find you when they search.

Divorce is a highly personal and emotional process, the outcome of which can have a significant impact on their life. According to HuffPost, finding the right divorce lawyer “is key to what could be a faster, less-expensive divorce, compared to a long, drawn-out emotional and financial nightmare.”

When your website and other marketing materials communicate to prospective clients that you’re someone who will listen to what they want, advise them well and have their best interests at heart, your business will grow.

* * *

Could your divorce law practice attract more clients with better website copy?

Get a no-obligation quote here.

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