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A Copywriter for Immigration Law Firms

Grow your immigration law practice by employing these proven marketing techniques to attract immigration cases.

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Marketing Copy for Promoting Your Immigration Law Firm

If you have a firm that specializes in immigration law, you know how difficult it is to build a practice. Sure, once you get well established, you may be able to rely on word-of-mouth referrals. You may even be able to afford advertising in the newspaper or on TV, but that may be years away.

immigration law
Building an immigration law firm in today’s competitive market requires effective marketing.

Consider the following questions:

  • Would you like to grow at a faster pace than you are now?
  • Could your immigration law firm handle more new clients?
  • Would you like to choose the cases you want instead of settling for what comes in your door?
  • Are you tired of relying on lawyer referral websites like Avvo to generate leads for you?
  • Could growing your immigration client pipeline help you get out of the feast-to-famine cycle?

A copywriter for immigration lawyers, someone who knows how to write marketing copy for your industry, could be an economical and effective way to grow your law practice.

professional copywriter for law firms
A professional copywriter skilled in law firm marketing can help you gain online visibility.

Give Your Law Firm’s Visibility Online

Today’s immigration lawyers face extraordinary competition.  There are more lawyers than ever before in nearly every city.  And access to low-cost legal services and DIY options purchased online has also chipped away at the potential pool of clients.

The result is that immigration lawyers must be more proactive and deliberate in marketing if they’re to thrive. 

Any type of promotion for your immigration law firm must start with a quality website, preferably one written by a professional copywriter for lawyers.  An impressive website accomplishes two goals: 1) It helps clients seeking immigration lawyers find you, and 2) It converts visitors to your website into prospective clients who contact you.

Even clients who’ve been referred to your law practice by a friend or an existing client will probably visit your website before calling you for an appointment.  They want to be sure you’re professional and well-matched to their needs, so your site needs to impress.

immigration law website
Your immigration law website is often the first thing a prospective client sees about you. Make sure it accurately reflects your professionalism.

Assuming you already have a website – if not, you certainly should – ask yourself these five questions:

  1. Is your website as professional as you are in your practice?
  2. Do you proudly send prospective clients to your site?
  3. Does your website accurately portray your background and expertise in immigration law?
  4. Does your website look and sound as impressive as other immigration lawyers’ sites?
  5. Is your website an effective lead-generation tool?

Unless your answer was “yes” to each of those questions, you’ll want to begin investing resources into improving your immigration law website if growing your firm is a priority.

immigration law firm
If your website isn’t generating new business leads for your immigration law firm, it’s time to work on improving it.

What to Say on Your Website

When someone lands on your website, you want them to like what they see. Your copy should explain what makes you different and better than your competition. Website visitors must be able to get an accurate understanding of your firm within a few seconds of landing on your site.

Your site can’t look unprofessional. First impressions count and those impressions are often made within a few seconds. Your message must quickly make the best case for your immigration services and prove you are an expert in the field.

website brand
Your website is a critical component of building your brand and reputation.

A skilled copywriter for lawyers can help you create a website that builds your brand, positions you well against the competition and converts visitors into qualified prospects for your services.

Do You Have an Immigration Specialty?

Under the umbrella of immigration law are a variety of specialties. If there’s an area in which you excel, you should use your website to promote that unique capability. It’s a great way to stand out in a crowd.

Immigration specialties may include:

  • Immigration Appeals and Rejected Appeals
  • Asylum for Refugees
  • Green Cards for Foreign Clients Living in the U.S.
  • Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visas (student visas, business visas, etc.)
  • Deportation or Removal

Once you’ve identified your specialty, your marketing can then be focused on appealing to the needs of that particular target. Keep in mind, you can eventually grow your practice to include multiple specialties and diverse services.

marketing strategy
Do you have a specialty within immigration law? That can be a good marketing strategy for setting yourself apart from the competition.

A skilled copywriter for lawyers can help you craft your website around your specialty, develop your online profile and position you as the authority in that niche.  You want website visitors to immediately know that you’re uniquely qualified in that area of expertise.  And most people will choose to work with and pay more for an expert in the field over a generalist.

Geo-targeting Gets You Found Locally

Beyond promoting your specialty, you should think about promoting your firm locally.  Geography is important because the typical law firm client is likely to seek out a local attorney, someone who they can easily meet with in person.

marketing copy
Because much, if not all, of your business will come from local clients, you want to be sure you target your local area in your marketing copy.

From a marketing perspective, it’s a lot easier to compete with all the lawyers in your city who have the same specialty as you than to compete with all the lawyers in that field across your state or across the entire U.S.

So all your marketing needs to be geo-targeted to your specific city (or the nearest large city if you happen to be located in a small town). That means your website, your ads and any other marketing materials should mention your city by name as your service area.

For example, you’re not just an immigration attorney; you’re an immigration attorney in Miami, Florida.

marketing tools
Consider using a variety of marketing tools in addition to your all-important website.

Other Marketing Tools

While your first marketing tool should be a website about your immigration law firm, it doesn’t have to be your only tool.  A copywriter for law firms can also help you create:

  • Landing pages
  • Brochures
  • Direct mailers/postcards
  • Blog posts
  • Email campaigns
  • Articles in magazines
  • Online and offline ads
  • Social media posts (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Reports and ebooks
  • Webinars and seminars

Ideally, you want to use a variety of marketing tools to increase the number of new clients and cases you attract to your law firm. With consistency and repetition in marketing, your immigration law firm’s name will become more familiar.

law firm marketing
Your marketing efforts shouldn’t be one and done. Consistency over complacency nets the most clients.

By promoting your law firm’s services within your chosen specialty across various media, prospective clients and referral sources, such as other attorneys, are more likely to find you and send business your way.

Successful Law Firms Are Always Creating Content

Most people are put off by a pushy sales approach. And that’s why so many companies today use an educational tone in their marketing. Telling versus selling seems to work especially well for immigration law firms. 

Working with a skilled copywriter for lawyers, you can use your everyday legal work to create content for marketing purposes.  A copywriter who understands SEO can write copy and employ proven techniques to help you rise in the rankings on Google, which will drive traffic to your site.

build your brand
A blog is an excellent tool for gaining visibility and building your law firm’s brand.

Consider these examples of items you can publish on your website to attract clients and cases:

  • Case Studies – Create case studies or long-form testimonials about your experiences working with clients. They can be published on your website or blog. They can also be used in newsletters to tout your successes in a tactful way that attracts new clients.
  • Articles – Write articles about your briefs, legal memoranda or motions if you think they might have relevance to clients. If you’ve successfully handled a legal issue for a client, write an informational summary that you can use to educate new clients about similar situations.
  • FAQs – When a client asks you a good question related to immigration law, write down your answer. Put together related questions to create a Frequently Asked Question page for your website.  You can have multiple FAQ pages related to each of your specialties.
  • Blog – Use a blog to provide useful information about your main subject areas of immigration law. The more timely and current, the better.  Discuss specific cases, new laws, current events related to the legal profession, and give helpful advice.

Don’t worry about clients not calling you because they’ve read your published information and now don’t need you. Reading an article does not a lawyer make.

professional copywriter
If you lack the time or desire to write articles for your website or blog, work with a professional copywriter.

By offering useful information that is just enough to answer potential clients’ initial questions, you’re positioning your law firm as an authority on a given issue or topic, and they’re more likely to contact you for help with their individual situation.

Once you get in the mindset of creating content, you’ll find a plethora of topics for you or your professional copywriter to write about.

Marketing Isn’t a Luxury for Lawyers

Today’s immigration lawyers have plenty of competition. Simply setting up an office downtown and posting a sign does not a successful practice make. Hoping prospective clients will find you is not a strategy. 

Instead, you need to work at building your brand and promoting your services.  You want to become known as the authority in their space and use proven marketing tactics to gain visibility.

Also, marketing shouldn’t be a one-and-done function.  You can’t build a website and forget about it.  You should continually be updating and adding to it with new information that their clients will find useful.  And you should also be using multiple methods and media to attract a continual stream of new clients.

immigration law firm
A copywriter experienced in writing for law firms can help you capitalize on opportunities to promote your immigration law firm in an efficient and cost-effective way.

To see the best results and eliminate the feast-or-famine cycle so many law firms experience, your marketing efforts need to be ongoing.

A copywriter with a marketing background can help you find opportunities to promote your immigration law firm and position you as the leading attorney in your field.

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