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Marketing for Event Planners

As an event planner or meeting planner, you’re ultra-organized and uber-detail oriented. You’re the master of to-do lists. You have a network of contacts for every possible request and last-minute-back-against-the-wall disaster.

The problem hasn’t been invented that you can’t fix, no matter how tight the deadline. So what’s the one thing keeping your business from becoming a mega-brand?  Your website.

persuasive website

Increase sales with a more informative and persuasive website.

You may have built a large and loyal client list, many of whom sing your praises and refer you as a meeting planner to their contacts, but you know you could accelerate your company’s growth if your website did a better job of bringing in new business. A website copywriter for event planners could be exactly what you need.

You’re an expert at planning events. But shouldn’t you be planning your marketing too?

Improving Your Event Planner Website

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your website as professional as you are in person?
  • Does it convey the image and brand you’ve built for your company?
  • Is it effective in persuading prospective clients to contact you about planning their events?

Unless you gave unequivocal yeses to all those questions, it’s time to consider a makeover for your event planner website.

You want persuasive web copy that resonates with business owners and managers. You want it to make as great impression as you do in person. And, most importantly, you want it to compel them to consider hiring you to plan their special event or meeting.

marketing services

How you market your services can determine how successful you are in landing new business.

Consider Using a Copywriter

If writing verbiage for your own website isn’t something you like to do or you recognize that your time is best spent elsewhere, consider working with a professional copywriter.

An experienced website copywriter who understands what event planners do and can highlight those special qualities that make you a better choice than your competition can create your marketing copy.

A professional copywriter for event planners can help you:

  • Describe the services you provide
  • Explain the value of those services
  • Increase recognition of your brand
  • Establish you as an authority in the event planning industry
  • Encourage your site’s visitors to become customers and start the process by contacting you
professional copywriter

If you’ve been procrastinating writing your web copy, ask a professional copywriter for help.

Promoting Your Value

Whether your event planning business specializes in weddings, business conferences, product launches or commemorations, a skilled copywriter can be your best resource for getting the word out.


A copywriter can bring forth all your best qualities in writing.

He or she can make clear all the valuable services you provide including the following:

  • Conduct research
  • Suggest a theme and design
  • Find a venue
  • Choose a caterer
  • Design the décor
  • Arrange for entertainment
  • Hire a photographer and videographer
  • Create invitations to send to guests
  • Plan transportation to and from the event
  • Offer accommodations for attendees
  • Coordinate with venue on number of attendees
  • Develop a timeline for activities
  • Oversee personnel during the event
  • Conduct evaluations at the end of the event

When your website effectively communicates all the many details you can handle, relieving your clients of those time-consuming responsibilities, you’re sure to increase your new-business inquiries.

marketing copy

Your marketing copy should make clear the value you bring to event planning.

Consider Other Marketing Materials Too

When the copy on your website is well-crafted and also optimized for search engines (SEO for event planners), it should attract prospects for your business. However, don’t rely 100% on your site for lead generation.

marketing tool

Your website may be your #1 marketing tool, but it shouldn’t be your only marketing tool.

Consider creating other marketing tools as well to build your brand and visibility. As examples, a professional copywriter for event planners can assist you with items such as these:

  • Landing pages – Target specific niches such as conference planning or product launch event planning with keenly focused landing pages.
  • Blog posts – Maintain a connection with your prospects and customers through engaging blog posts that position you as the expert in event planning.
  • Sales letters – A succinct, single-page letter custom tailored to the market you’re targeting is an excellent tactic for introducing your business and requesting an initial meeting.
  • Brochures – When you meet with a client, speak by phone or exchange emails, it’s a good practice to follow-up with a brochure that explains in writing your range of capabilities and reiterates in the benefits of working with you.
  • Ads – Print ads as well as online ads on media like Facebook can help you reach out to new prospects you might otherwise not get to know.
  • Trade show materials (i.e. handouts, signage) – Marketing at an event is an opportunity talk to prospects in person and set appointments for future meetings.
  • Press releases – A well-written press release touting your best accomplishments lets others know your business is successful and growing.
marketing your business

The investment you make in marketing your business could lead to booking more events and bigger events.

Give Your Marketing the Boost it Needs

As a meeting planner, you’re accustomed to working with people who are experts in their field, whether they’re caterers, photographers, florists or entertainers. You know their expertise is critical to the success of the events you plan.

copywriting specialist

Maximize your marketing effectiveness with the help of a copywriting specialist.

Similarly, a professional copywriter is an expert and can help you maximize the effectiveness of your marketing materials to accelerate your business’s growth.

Need help with marketing your event planning business?

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