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Marketing Your Heating / Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Services

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You have a successful AC and HVAC company. You’ve built a solid customer base and have established relationships with various builders and construction companies that bring you in on their projects. Word of mouth has been your primary means of promotion. But you know you could—and probably should—be doing more.

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HVAC copywriting

Increase profits and revenue for your AC & HVAC company with skilled marketing and copywriting.

To accelerate your AC and HVAC company’s growth as well as put more distance between you and some of those new competitors nipping at your heels, you’ll need to do some marketing. A copywriter for heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies can help.

Start with Your AC & HVAC Website

In today’s internet-reliant world, the primary means of marketing your HVAC company should be your website. That’s where any ads, brochures and promotions should direct interested prospects.

A website copywriter can create content that’s as professional as the HVAC services you and your workers provide. She can explain your services and describe what differentiates you from your competitors, whether that’s price, experience, convenience or some other unique quality.

She can write copy that positions your company as the best solution for the customer’s problem whether they need help with residential or commercial HVAC.

Most importantly, she can write content that will include a compelling call-to-action that guides the customer to pick up the phone and contact you for a quote.

marketing HVAC services

Marketing your HVAC company’s services begins with a quality website that accurately reflects the professionalism of your company.

SEO Is Critical to Marketing HVAC Services

When customers need an HVAC system or repairs, they no longer turn to the Yellow Pages; they go online and search on Google. Will they find your website?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of writing your web copy in a way that causes search engines like Google to favor your site. When someone searches for HVAC repairs or HVAC installation (assuming they don’t know your company by name), you want Google to bring up your site in the search results, preferably on page 1, as most people won’t bother to dig any deeper.

Sure, you can buy ads, but that’s costly. To come up organically (for free!), you need an SEO copywriter to assist with your wording. And if you have any doubt that SEO can work, think of how you managed to find this very page!

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Sales Letters & Email Campaigns

Waiting for HVAC customers to call you is one strategy, but is it sufficient? Imagine how much more business you might generate if you reminded customers to have an AC check-up, have their heater’s exterior and ventilation system inspected, or have their furnace filter replaced.

A skilled sales letter copywriter can craft a persuasive email (or hard copy letter) that tells customers what’s best for their HVAC repair and maintenance.

Another option is to create an email campaign that promotes a special, such as an AC tune-up that includes condenser coil cleaning, thermostat calibration, inspection of refrigerant levels, tightening of electrical parts and inspection of the blower belt and motor. Those are all tasks the customer isn’t likely to do themselves. And all you have to do is create a well-written series of emails that educates customers and prompts them to contact you.

sales letters and email campaigns

Sales letters and email campaigns are a proven method for getting new customers and more business from your existing customers.

Blog Posts on AC & HVAC Topics

Yesterday’s newsletter is today’s blog. The typical company newsletter most commonly sent monthly used to include multiple articles related to the business. Today, that has morphed into a blog.

Each blog post, which can be sent weekly, monthly or periodically, typically focuses on only one story. Perhaps it’s a write-up on how to get your HVAC system ready for summer, or it’s a summary of steps you can take related to your heating/cooling to keep your electric bills down.

It’s a singular story that provides factual information, as opposed to promotional information. You can always include some sort of incentive like a discount on a specific service at the end. But again, the helpful information factor must be high and the sales pitch low-key. The blog post is emailed to your customers and can also be published on your website to help with SEO.

A professional blog writer can come up with topic ideas and write quality copy that will interest your customers and keep your company’s name top-of-mind for that day when they finally need an HVAC system, repairs or maintenance.

Need help writing SEO copy for your AC or HVAC website? Get a free quote.

Well-written articles on HVAC services

Well-written articles related to HVAC maintenance can be helpful to your customers and keep your HVAC services top-of-mind.

Finding an AC & HVAC Copywriter

You’ve been working in the AC & HVAC industry for a long time. Your knowledge of the products and services related to this business run deep. So you may wonder how a copywriter, someone with no experience working in your industry, can produce quality marketing materials like your website, sales letter or blog posts.

A professional copywriter may not have worked in your industry, but he can have written about it. He also may have experience writing for related businesses such as construction companies and appliance repair services.

A skilled writer, someone with AC & HVAC or related writing experience, can quickly get up to speed on your business. He can draft marketing materials that will give you a solid return on investment.

Skillful marketing is the best way to expand your reach and accelerate the growth of your AC & HVAC business. Every new client you attract has potential to become a loyal life-long customer and also referral source. So put aside your reservations and get started marketing your AC & HVAC services to stay ahead of the competition and watch your revenue soar! 

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Ready to do some marketing for your AC or HVAC company? Work with a copywriter who understands your business.

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