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You’re a forward-thinking dentist who prides yourself on being an industry leader. You’re fast to adopt new dental technologies and procedures. You’ve invested in technologically superior equipment and dental imaging tools. You’ve also done the training to learn about cosmetic dental products and how to perform the dental procedures. Now you need to see the returns on these investments.

So why aren’t you attracting more patients and generating more revenue? How can you effectively market cosmetic dentistry to your current (and new!) patients to grow this area of your business? Why are your lagging behind while your competitors cash in on this booming industry?

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A dental copywriter can help you promote your cosmetic dentistry services.

A dental copywriter can help. He or she can create copy for your website, social media and marketing materials that will grow your patient base and help you become the top provider of cosmetic dentistry services in your local area.

With digital marketing techniques supported by quality copywriting for dentists, you can reach beyond the borders of your zip code and attract patients from 50 or more miles away!

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Cosmetic Dentistry – The Path to Greater Profits

Most people see going to the family dentist every six months to a year as something they have to do for healthy teeth and to prevent cavities. But cosmetic dentistry has exploded in recent years with patients who want that celebrity or influencer look of perfectly straight, sparkling clean, white teeth. And they’re willing to spend for it.

The demand for cosmetic dentistry has recorded a steady rise over the past few years. As per the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), around $2.75 billion is spent every year on cosmetic dentistry alone in the US.

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Your existing patients may not know about your cosmetic dentistry services. Start marketing to them!

Aesthetic enhancements, which can also help restore functional and overall oral health can produce transformational results, greatly improving a person’s confidence and self-esteem. Telling your patients about these treatments, whether through effective copywriting on your website, email promotions, or even sell sheets in your waiting room, can help them understand all that you can do to help their appearance.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Fix These Conditions

Many people suffer from stained, crooked, discolored, chipped, misaligned, misshapen, gaps or missing teeth, so your target market is relatively large. Cosmetic dentistry treatments can fix any of these problems and help the patient look and feel their best.

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The demand for cosmetic dentistry treatments is growing. Make sure you get your piece of the pie!

To attract patients with discretionary income who value their appearance, write separate pages on your website that explain each of your treatments:

• Teeth whitening or bleaching
• Dental veneers
• Tooth bonding
• Dental crowns
• Dental bridges
• Non-metallic inlays and onlays
• Dental implants
• Braces

Work with a copywriter who knows the dental industry. He or she can write captivating copy about these treatment options and explain how you’re uniquely qualified to offer them.

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You may need to educate your patients about how cosmetic dentistry can improve their appearance and overall oral health.

Support the copywriting with before-and-after photos and videos. If you dedicate a page’s content to each treatment type, you stand a good chance of coming up in search results on Google if someone in your geographic area is searching for those treatments.

Marketing to Your Existing Patients

To increase revenue from cosmetic dentistry, start with marketing and copywriting to your existing patient base. You already have a connection with these patients. They trust you to provide the best products and services for their dental health. Build on that relationship.

Make your patients aware of the aesthetic options you can provide. Work with a copywriter for dentists to reach out to existing patients via email or USPS postcards. He or she can write blog posts and social media posts to increase visibility.

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Create pages on your website explaining each type of cosmetic dentistry treatment you offer.

Also consider creating written promotional materials for your office. In your waiting room, you can have posters on the walls, flyers in a stack, videos playing, and before-and-after photos. But don’t stop there.

Ask your patients if there’s anything they’d like to improve regarding their teeth. They may be happy to tell you what bothers them. You can have them fill out a brief written questionnaire. Or have the hygienist ask the patient directly during their checkup. Then provide your patients with information, whether through conversation or a printed brochure, about any cosmetic dentistry treatments that could benefit them.

Establish Partnerships with Other Dental Professionals

Do you know the orthodontists, oral surgeons, endodontists, pedodontists, prosthodontists, dental implant dentists or periodontists in your geographic area. Contact them and agree to exchange referrals to each other.

Work with a copywriter to produce brochures or flyers you can give to these dental-related service providers, which they can hand out to their patients who would be good candidates for your treatments. You can do the same with your referrals to them.

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Marketing treatments like Smoothlase can help you attract new patients who might otherwise not know about your dental practice.

Offer Unique Treatments Like SmoothLase® Dental Laser

Some dentists have begun offering treatments like Smoothlase because it’s an opportunity to attract new patients, offer existing patients another service (and one that’s extremely profitable), and stand out from other dentists who only offer traditional dental services.

Smoothlase dental laser is a natural, non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that tightens, tones and lifts sagging skin without injectable dermal fille. Liplase can rejuvenate, fill, and plump lips.

Dentists who offer these unique treatments have an opportunity to promote these services to new and existing patients to generate additional revenue.

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As Baby Boomers age, many of whom have disposable income, cosmetic dentistry spend is expected to grow. 

Apply the same types of marketing techniques to promote these services. Work with a dental copywriter to create pages on your website about Smoothlase and Liplase, place flyers in your waiting room, and talk about it on your blog and social media pages.

A Bright Future for Family and Cosmetic Dentists

The U.S. market for cosmetic dentistry is expected to grow from $21.9 billion in 2020 to $30.1 billion in 2025, according to Markets and Markets.

The aging baby boomer population is expected to stimulate demand for inlays, onlays and dental fillings to treat tooth decay, which is often a side effect of using particular medications. And they have the disposable income to afford cosmetic dentistry and luxury treatments like Smoothlase.

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With compelling copywriting you’ll be able to attract patients for lucrative cosmetic treatments and increase revenue.

As per the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), adults between the age group of 31-40 years and baby boomers were most likely to inquire about cosmetic dentistry in the US.

Cosmetic dental marketing can help you attract the cases you love to handle. It can grow your profits, attract patients who can afford quality care, and deliver the fulfilling cases you want.

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Consider working with a freelance copywriter who understands cosmetic dentistry and can assist you with high quality marketing.

Consider working with a freelance dental copywriter to create marketing content that drives leads and sales to your practice. The outlay for professional copywriting and marketing is sure to give you a significant return on investment.

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