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Between the Zumba craze and the popularity of TV shows like Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You can Dance, millions of Americans have jumped on the dance bandwagon. Whether for their children or themselves, they recognize the value dance can provide for staying fit and having fun. The result is there’s never been a better time to own a dance studio.

If you are interested in opening a dance studio in your home or rented space, marketing is essential. While word-of-mouth is a great way to grow a business, it may not be enough to grow your customer base as fast as you’d like.

By putting effort into promoting your dance studio’s classes, you’ll be able to attract new clients, retain current ones, and increase the profitability of your business. You can tackle the task on your own or work with a freelance copywriter who is comfortable writing for the dance industry.

Why Copywriting Matters for Dance Studios

Whether you’re creating a website or designing fliers to give out at local events, the copy must be compelling if these marketing tools are to deliver new customers to your door. Parents deciding where to send their child for dance lessons want as much information as possible, so they can make the right choice. The same goes for couples interested in trying ballroom dancing and moms looking to give Zumba a try.

Branding your dance studio

A big part of branding your dance studio is how you word your website and other promotional materials.

With well-composed copywriting, you can attract the attention of new customers and establish your dance studio as The Place to go for dance lessons in your local community. In addition, you can persuade your existing clients to continue to take classes and perhaps bring their friends to your studio.

Identify Your Niche

Most dance studios are in business to help people gain skills in a fun way and potentially improve their health and fitness level. However, every studio has to define who they’re targeting.  Consider the profile of your typical customer:

  • Child or adult
  • Male or female
  • Beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert dancer
  • Priority is acquiring skills, gaining fitness or competing
  • Interested in Zumba or other Latin-inspired dance, fitness, fusion, ballroom dancing, aerobic or other
Marketing copy

Identify your target audience and then write your marketing copy with that demographic in mind.

Once you know who you’re targeting, you can compose marketing copy with that demographic in mind. And, if your dance studio offers all different types of dance and targets multiple audiences, consider building web pages for each unique offering.

Create Inspiring Headlines

Think of your customer’s hopes and dreams. Perhaps you want to appeal to a mom who wants her children to acquire some basic dance skills and be involved in a physical activity a few times a week. Or maybe you offer Zumba classes that serve as an alternative exercise for adult women and men. Or maybe you train elite dancers, talented artists who intend to compete, whether in contemporary dance, ballet or ballroom dance.

A generic headline like “Try a dance class at our studio” can be much more enticing when you consider whose eye you’re trying to catch. Consider some of these options:

  • Is Your Toddler Ready to Tiptoe Her Way into Ballet?
  • Zoom into Shape with Our Zumba Fitness Classes
  • Fitness. Health. Dance.
  • Hola! Try Our Latin Cardio Dance for Gringos
  • Fancy Footwork for Friends
  • Hip-Hop Happiness
  • Ready, set, dance!
Creative headlines

Write creative headlines that demonstrate your enthusiasm for dance.

With a little thought and creativity, you can capture the interest of your prospective customers.

Highlight the Benefits of Dance

You know dance offers countless benefits. It can improve flexibility, reduce stress, help with weight loss, increase muscle strength, encourage good posture, boost blood flow, foster self-confidence, and so much more.

While dance instructors may be familiar with these benefits, a prospective customer who is new to dance may not be. So highlight the benefits of dance in your marketing materials. Tell prospective customers all the ways that dance will improve their life.

Website copy

Describe the many benefits dance offers in your website copy.

If your area of expertise is in dance classes for young children, then be sure to highlight all the benefits children gain from dance training. Parents want to know that the money and time they put into dance lessons will have a positive effect on their little ones even if they’re unlikely to be the next Ginger Rodgers, Fred Astaire or Misty Copeland.

Explain How Your Dance Studio Differs from Others

With so many dance studios in existence, you have to emphasize why your studio is unique. To define and differentiate your business, consider some of these angles:

  • Do you have the widest variety of classes?
  • Do you have classes for all ages and skill levels?
  • Do you have the best instructors?
  • Do you offer classes during lunch hours so that busy working professionals can attend?
  • Check out the offerings of other dance studios in your local area and look for opportunities to present your studio as something unique and special.
copywriter for dancers

Point out what makes your dance classes unique and special.

You should also try to allay any prospect’s fears about joining your dance school. Maybe it’s your beginner classes that are so easy even someone with two left feet can succeed. Or maybe you want to reassure mom and dad that their little darling will have a positive experience that helps build self-confidence.

When you point out the special qualities of your dance school and you help dissipate their fears, you’ll help persuade even the most hesitant prospects to sign up and join the fun!

Introduce Your Instructors

The best dance studios are inevitably the ones with the best dance instructors. They’re the stars of your operation, the key to attracting clients and building a large, loyal following.

Promote your dance instructors

Promote your dance instructors and their unique talents on your website.

Write copy that tells prospective customers about them and all that they bring to your studio. Mention their experience, qualifications and special talents. Include their photo, which can be a head shot or of them leading a class. Throw in a few fun facts as well to personalize their bios and make the instructors seem approachable.

Run a Special Promotion

Are you adding a new type of class? Have you hired a new instructor who is an expert in some kind of dance? Are you offering a one-time introduction to ballet for toddlers? Other ideas:

  • Do a “Free Day of Dance,” a one-time free class to introduce newbies to what a class would be like.
  • Create lesson packs that include a set number of lessons for a slightly reduced fee.
  • Have a “Bring a Friend” day when existing clients can bring friends to sample a class for free.
  • Host an open house when people can come by, see your studio and meet the instructors.

All of these ideas offer opportunities for you to promote your dance studio and grow your customer base. A freelance copywriter skilled in writing dance promotions can help you publicize these specials.

Special promotions

Use special promotions and limited time offers to attract new clients to your dance classes.

Why Your Dance Studio Needs a Website

Perhaps the most important marketing tool your dance studio can have is a website. A website gives you an online presence where new customers can find you and learn about your classes. Your website should be professional in design and copy, easy to navigate and answer all the questions a prospective customer might have.

The Dance Advantage suggests you make your marketing useful by providing good content. “People want details. Write informative class descriptions, give details on what happens during a class, share photos, offer a FAQ, post up to date schedules, clearly explain your policies and procedures.”

Additionally, you’ll want to keep search engine optimization in mind to get placed high in search results on Google, the best free advertising you can get!  If your dance studio is located in Orlando, Florida, your website pages should be optimized for “Orlando dance studio.”

dance studio website SEO

Write your dance studio website with SEO best practices in mind.

A website can also have a sign-up box to help you collect email addresses from visitors. Then you can do mailings to promote discounts, special events, referral programs, new instructors, and more.

Other Marketing Tools for Dance Studios

While a website should be your primary promotional tool, it doesn’t have to be your only one. A thriving dance studio can accelerate its growth by using items such as:

  • Brochures
  • Blogs
  • Emails
  • Press releases
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Advertisements

As your studio grows, consider creating additional marketing materials. An experienced marketing copywriter can help you create these materials quickly and cost-effectively. They’re a great way to build on your success.

social media promotion

Social media is a fabulous tool for promotion. Post photos of your dance classes and students to attract attention.

Use Social Media Marketing

One of the best ways to promote your dance studio can be social media. And it’s free! Post information about upcoming classes and link to your website. You can also post photos from classes and videos from performances. Communicate with current and future students in a friendly, informal way through social media.

Let’s Talk Dance suggests posting “your students in class, your parents’ smiling faces in the lobby, your teachers working on choreography or giving a correction to a student, backstage at competitions/performances, your students being silly in the hallway, your cute little ballerinas, your advanced students showcasing their flexibility or technique, etc.  Share photos that highlight the true culture and essence of your dance studio.”

The effort you put into establishing a social media presence will pay off in increased visibility to potential customers and loyalty from your existing clientele.

Copywriter for dance studios

If you don’t have the time or desire to write the content for your website or promotions, work with a copywriter for dance studios.

Build your Google business page 

When a prospective student searches on Google for a dance studio, you want to be sure you come up in the local listings. Create your Google Business Listing here, Include your address, hours, pictures, videos and anything else that a prospective customer might find interesting or useful.

Once your listing is up, ask happy customers to leave you a nice review. Give them a printed flyer with a link to your Google Business Listing. That’s sure to help fill your classes.

Work with a Freelance Copywriter

As the owner of a dance studio, you need to focus on guiding your instructors and teaching your students. It’s easy to see how marketing can fall by the wayside. But it doesn’t have to. You can outsource it.

freelance copywriter

A freelance copywriter is an economical way to obtain writing services for your dance studio.

Consider working with a freelance copywriter, someone who understands copywriting for dance studios and can help you create the effective, SEO-optimized, and conversion-oriented content you need to grow your business.

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Need help writing marketing copy for your dance studio?

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