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Copywriter for Home Health Care Companies

Grow Your Home Health Business with Quality Copy and Marketing Strategies

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In order to persuade patients and their families that you’re the right choice for home health services, your website needs to communicate your agency’s capabilities and compassion.

As the owner or manager of a home health care company, you know how challenging it can be to get new clients. You have to gain the trust of the patient, or their families who may be making home health decisions.

You need to give them confidence that you provide excellent quality care and your employees are knowledgeable, patient and compassionate. But how do you persuade someone to choose your home health or personal aid services over your competitor’s? A copywriter with experience writing for home health companies can help.

A home health copywriter can create in words the image you wish to convey. She can deliver the important facts in a way that reflects your sincerity.

You don’t want your copy to sound too clinical or bland. You want it to reveal your compassion and empathy, particularly if you offer services such as hospice and palliative care. Choose the right words to communicate the passion your team has for helping others.

healthcare copywriter

A healthcare copywriter can write content that inspires trust in your home health company.

Marketing Your Home Health Company

Your home health business should have its own website. Any other marketing materials you choose to use will all help to drive traffic to your website. In many cases, your website is the first time people will see your name and learn about your business so you want to be sure it makes a positive impression.

Writing about healthcare is tricky. You want to present your company as a legitimate business, one that has experienced and competent nurses, personal aids and caregivers. At the same time you want to show your empathy for the client’s situation and your willingness to help.

health company website

Think of the questions your asked most frequently. The answers belong on your home health company’s website.

When writing your website copy, you should answer the questions most clients, or their families, ask. They typically want to know what home health services you provide and your credentials or qualifications. Ultimately, they want to have confidence that the level of care you provide matches their needs.

Look at the copy on your current website and answer these questions:

  • Does it sound professional?
  • Does it communicate what makes your company and people special?
  • Does it convey how much you care?
  • Does it compare well with competitor home health companies?
  • Does the copy get prospects to pick up the phone and call?

If you didn’t answer “yes” to all these questions, you need to get busy writing.

website copy

If your website copy doesn’t sound professional, it detracts from your company’s image.

The Right Promotional Materials 

Once you’re satisfied that your website presents your home health business in the best light, consider adding other marketing tools. A brochure that you can send digitally or a printed version you can send via regular mail or leave behind for prospects can be a worthwhile investment.

Another option might be a sales letter. It can serve as a tool to introduce your home health company to referral sources such as hospitals, physician practices and clinics. Other marketing options include ads, press releases, blogs and social media.

According to Modern Healthcare magazine, when healthcare advertising is done right, it “provides vital information to patients who need to know about services available in their communities.”

Promote Your Specialties

Does your home health or personal aid agency specialize in any particular medical areas? Perhaps your team is skilled at working with Alzheimer’s patients. Or maybe providing post-surgical care or infusion therapies is your niche. It could even be that your agency specializes in hospice or palliative care.

marketing materials

Your specialties differentiate your home health company from competitors. Be sure you tout them in your marketing.

Whatever your areas of healthcare services, your marketing materials should reflect those specialties. In addition to giving them prominence on your website, consider creating landing pages for them. These would be highly focused web pages that go into detail about your services and your unique capabilities in your medical specialty. Additionally, landing pages tend to rank well on Google so they can drive traffic to your website.

Choosing a Healthcare Copywriter

Copywriters have different backgrounds, experience and talents. You’ll want to find someone who is confident writing for the medical profession. That individual will likely already be familiar with industry terminology and business practices.

SEO-friendly copy

Your website copy must be SEO-friendly for it to rank high on Google.

If you’re hiring the writer for your website, she should be skilled in writing web copy. She should also understand search engine optimizations (SEO), which determines how websites are ranked on Google.

For brochures or direct mail, you’ll want someone who is comfortable writing for the print medium. The right copywriter will help you create content that attracts prospects, keeps them reading your material and finally persuades them to take action.

Marketing Gives You an Edge

It would be easy to think that marketing isn’t critical. But the truth is, it’s how today’s most successful home health care companies succeed and continue to thrive year after year. Well-written copy on your website, in your blog and on social media can make a significant difference on the number of new business inquiries you get as well as referral business from others.

marketing your home health company

The money you invest in marketing your home health company will come back to you in the form of new business.

Working with a copywriter who understands strategic marketing for home health companies can help ensure the money you invest in promoting your agency gives you a solid return in the form of increased market share and revenue.

Start Today

Smart, strategic marketing combined with engaging copywriting will help you separate your company from the dozens of other home health, at home outpatient care and personal aid services agencies operating in your area. It’s your best chance to gain an edge in growing your business. And the sooner you get your marketing materials done, the sooner you’ll start seeing results.

professional copywriter

A professional copywriter can take care of your marketing needs so you can focus on what you do best: operating your home health company.

According to Referral MD, “When potential patients do not have a recommendation from family or friends on what healthcare professional to use, they typically turn to conducting their own research online to find at-home care. This could entail using anything from the search engines to social media as long as the information they find is trustworthy and extensive.”

You want to be sure when they go searching, it’s your home health company they find; not your competitor’s. So it’s time to get going on those marketing materials you’ve been putting off.

If your hands are full operating your home health business and sitting down to write copy is not a priority, contact a professional copywriter for home health agencies who can quickly get up to speed on your business and write the copy that will bring you customers.

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Do you need help marketing your home health company?

Get a no-obligation quote on your copywriting project.

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