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In recent years, the limousine industry has become extremely competitive. It seems like everyone who has more than one vehicle now claims to have a fleet, and they’re surprisingly aggressive in marketing their services.

Ride services like Uber and Lyft have taken a share of the business as well. Meanwhile, your well-established limo service, which has been pleasing customers for years, finds itself having to scramble as more companies fight for their piece of the pie.

A well-written website or blog is your best platform for marketing your limousine services.

A copywriter for limo services can help you promote your limo business, enhance your online presence and continue to compete effectively.  

Start with Your Limo Company’s Website

Does your current website represent your company well? Is it professional and current? Think of your website as your storefront, as most customers start their search for a limo service online.

Your website should be your #1 marketing tool. It needs to be well-designed and well-written. Let’s take a look at some of the different pages your limo website should have.

Describe Your Limo Services

Your individual limo services offer you an opportunity to create substantial content. And that content will help you rank better on Google (search engine optimization), driving traffic to your website.

Once visitors land on your website, you want quality copy to help convert them into qualified leads, that is, prospects who contact you for a quote or to book your services.

Consider writing separate sections or pages for each of the following areas that are relevant to your limo services:

  • Special occasions
  • Weddings and engagements
  • Corporate travel
  • Private coach for groups, teams
  • Special event transportation like trade shows
  • Tours and excursions
  • Private travel
  • Student travel
  • Casino shuttle
web copy for limo services
List all of the different uses for your limo service in your web copy.

Provide Reasons to Choose Your Limo Service

You well know you’re not the only game in town. Consumers have numerous choices when selecting which limo or ride-share company to use. For that reason, you should dedicate the copy of at least one page of your website to reasons the customer should choose your limo service over any others.

Consider writing about each of the following points, customizing them to your business:

  • Reliable and professional, you offer peace of mind.
  • You’re skilled in hospitality and logistics.
  • You craft custom transportation solutions that meet the client’s needs and budget.
  • The customer has one contact person from booking through the day of service.
  • You bring years of experience to the table.
  • Your vehicles and drivers are safe.

Can you see how providing copy on each of the above areas you will help make you attractive to customers and alleviate any concerns they might have?

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Tell Them Who You Serve

When customers evaluate your limo service, they’re trying to determine if you offer what they need. One of the best ways to show them that you’re a good fit for what they’re seeking is to talk about who you serve.

Consider writing a paragraph or page on your website about each of the following types of customers and how you pair your services to their needs:

  • Executives traveling to or from the airport and hotel
  • Brides and grooms who want a special ride on their wedding day
  • School, club or church groups touring your city
  • Athletic teams going to a competition or event
  • Professionals attending conferences, conventions or trade shows
  • Celebrities who value their privacy and security
  • Tourists planning to sightsee local attractions

Think about the questions each type of customers might have about your limo services and be sure you answer them in the copy.

For example, the bride and groom who want a luxurious ride from the church to their wedding reception has different requirements than a group of high school soccer players headed toward the state championships. Talk to each demographic about how your limo services are tailored to their needs.

web copy
Be sure your copy provides answers to the questions your prospective customers are likely to have.

Describe Your Fleet

People renting a limo for the day want to know exactly what to expect about the vehicle they’ll be riding in. On your “Our Fleet” web page, write the answers to questions such as:

  • What year and model is the limo?
  • How many people does it fit?
  • How many vehicles are in your fleet?
  • How often are your vehicles inspected and serviced?
  • Will there be any champagne, water or food stocked in the limo?
  • Do you have anything other than traditional limos such as party buses, team vans, vintage automobiles or Hummer limos?

While answering these questions in the copy is important, so are pictures. Go ahead and show off your limos with quality photos. And if your chauffeurs dress up, whether in a tux, suit or uniform, be sure to include them in the pictures so customers will see their professional appearance.

unique vehicles
Do you have some unique vehicles in your fleet? Be sure to include their photos and specs in your web copy.

Write About Your Drivers

Anyone who has ever been in a limo knows the driver plays a big role in the experience. Let customers know the caliber of your chauffeurs with a web page dedicated to your personnel

Consider including points such as:

  • All of our drivers are carefully screened.
  • Our drivers have excellent safety records and annual safety training.
  • We hire only professional chauffeurs, skilled in offering hospitality.
  • We are exceptionally punctual so you never have to worry about late arrivals.
  • You can ask your driver to make stops or change plans as you desire.
  • You’ll have a dedicated driver for the entire length of service, even for multiple days.

While your copy addressing the above points is general in nature, there’s nothing wrong with talking about your individual drivers as well. Consider posting a photo of and short bio for each of your chauffeurs. That kind of transparency can go far in helping customers to trust your limo company.

selling point
The professionalism of your chauffeurs should be included as a selling point.

Compose an About Us Page

If your limousine business has an interesting history, consider telling your story on an About Us page.

  • Who founded the company? (Family owned and operated?)
  • When did they found it? Years in business?
  • Why did they start it?
  • Who owns it now?
  • What makes your limo service unique and better than others’?

If you have some interesting historical pictures of your company, its founder or even your current team, this is the place to include it.

Other Web Pages to Include

The pages described above will form the main content of your limo company’s website, but there are a few other pages worth including:

  • Customer Testimonials – Third-party endorsements can be mighty convincing to prospects considering use of your limo service.
  • Service Areas – Geographically, what areas do you serve? Mention cities, counties, areas and include a map if you think it will help visitors to see your reach.
  • Facilities – If you have impressive facilities where you store and service your limos, feel free to show them off with a photo and brief description. That will help communicate your size and professionalism.
  • Add-on Specialty Services – Do you offer unique extras? Perhaps you have a wedding planner on staff to assist couples in planning their itinerary. Perhaps you can bring your limos fully stocked with alcohol or food. Or maybe you can decorate your limos to coordinate with the theme of a party or wedding. Dedicate a page to your specialty services and let the customer know all the ways you can help personalize their limo experience.
Describe your limos
Describe all of the features and luxurious amenities your limos offer.
  • Customer Service – Do you have a customer service department? Is it open 24/7? Is it available to help with itinerary planning for your group? Customer service deserves a mention if it’s one of the ways you differentiate your limo service from the competitions’.
  • Social Media – Are you on social media? Which ones? List them all and invite visitors and customers to follow you. Then make sure you post frequently to keep them engaged and your service top of mind.
  • Contact Us – Of course, you need a contact page. But what goes on it? Some companies choose to put only a form as their main means of contact. That’s fine for the limo company but what about the visitor who hates forms or really just wants to speak with someone and get all her questions answered? Include your phone number and emails. Also list your business hours. Finally, consider adding your street address. Even if you don’t necessarily want clients to stop by, many people like to know where the business is located. It helps them to feel more trusting if you have a physical address and not just an online presence via your website.
professional copywriter
For your first-class limo service, you need a first-class website. Contact a professional copywriter.

Increase Your Limo Service’s Visibility

Your website is the foundation for marketing your limo service. Every ad, press release, brochure, flyer or other promotion you do should include your website’s URL.

The good news is that once you’ve created a quality website that effectively describes your services, any other marketing materials you do will be much easier. They will follow the look and tone of your website to be consistent with your brand.

A professional copywriter who understand the challenges of marketing a limousine service can help you to create web copy and sales literature that greatly increases your visibility both online and offline and gets your phone ringing.

* * *

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