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Copywriter for Logistics, Transportation and Cargo Shipping Companies

Marketing your logistics and freight-forwarding services

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We live in a global economy. E-commerce is growing exponentially. As the internet has helped facilitate the sale of products and services across borders, the need for companies that can manage logistics and facilitate transportation of cargo has greatly increased. Businesses are looking for transportation solutions that can increase supply chain visibility, improve operations at every stage of the logistics journey, and conserve resources.

New shipping companies, many that are data-driven and have proprietary technology, have emerged to meet the need, and existing shipping companies have had to step up their game. The global logistics market is expanding. While the pie keeps getting bigger, so do the number of companies in the logistics and freight forwarding industry looking for their slice. How do you stand out in an industry that gets more crowded every day?

shipping industry

The shipping industry has grown exponentially due to increases in e-commerce and importing/exporting.

Copywriter for Supply Chain Companies

Effective marketing begins with determining your niche audience and then accentuating what makes your company uniquely qualified to serve that niche.

A copywriter who understands complicated subjects like supply chains, logistics, freight forwarding, cargo shipping and transportation can help you establish your brand. She can create your online presence in the form of a professionally written website and also other marketing materials that will build your customer base and generate sales.

Container trade from China to U.S.

The container trade, particularly from China to the U.S., is one of the biggest areas of growth but also one of the most competitive for shipping companies.

When marketing your services, you’ll want to work with a copywriter who is familiar with the full range of capabilities of a freight forwarder such as:

  • Picking up the cargo
  • Crating it
  • Putting it into a container
  • Arranging all export permits
  • Buying insurance
  • Booking the ship or airplane
  • Delivering the cargo to the port or airport
  • Clearing customs
  • Handling handovers from one shipping company to another
  • Receiving the cargo at the destination port or airport
  • Taking care of nationalization
  • Delivering cargo to its final destination

Let’s take a look at a few case studies of shipping / freight forwarding companies.

Case Study: Shipping Company #1

Shipping company #1 is a full-service, global logistics and freight-forwarding company. It has made a name for itself offering all types of transportation modes – air freight, ocean freight, road transportation and customs brokerage services.

shipping company

Solving cargo transportation supply-chain problems is how one shipping company made a name for itself.

Its representatives think of themselves as logistics and supply chain problem solvers. Manufacturers contact them with their shipping problem and they solve it. The service is extremely personal and customized.

copywriting for logistics company

The copywriting for this logistics company highlighted its highly personal customers service.

We wrote copy that explained their unique competencies. How unique? Consider some of these capabilities that we highlighted on their website.

Ship repair and maintenance – They’re maritime experts who transport spare parts for ships of any size and weight to or from any seaport in the world.

Time-critical shipments for the aviation industry – In addition to shipping spare parts and engines for planes, they ship aircrafts themselves.

For example, they recently shipped several new helicopters from the factory in the U.S. to remote locations in Siberia (Are there any locations that aren’t remote in Siberia?).

cargo forwarding

This cargo forwarding company prides itself on being able to ship items that are notoriously difficult to transport.

Life sciences shipments – The company ships temperature- and time-sensitive products. It works with pharmaceutical companies and has shipped vaccines, medications and human blood.

shipping medical products

The shipping of medical-related products that are time- and temperature-sensitive helps this company stand out.

Livestock products – The company ships refrigerated bull semen to cattle breeders around the world. (Apologies for the yucky visual we just put in your head.)

While that may not sound pretty, writing about these specific capabilities in the marketing materials does help to convey what makes this company special.

Case Study: Shipping Company #2

Shipping company #2 was founded in 2007.  In its first decade of business, it did almost no marketing. It relied on word-of-mouth referrals and repeat customers. Around 2019 its principals began to realize it needed to do more if it was to compete with the many other import-export shipping companies in the industry.

Shipping and sourcing products

This company differentiates itself by not only shipping products but also by sourcing them in the U.S. for their customers in South America, a key point we wrote about in the company’s website.

Based in Miami, Florida, it was known to businesses throughout South and Central America as the best resource for obtaining products that couldn’t be found in their own countries. The company sourced and shipped everything from name-brand televisions, computers and vehicles to construction supplies, machine parts and clothing.

increase in demand

With an increase in disposable income among people in developing countries comes an increase in demand for products from abroad, which keeps transportation companies busy.

It claimed there wasn’t a product it couldn’t obtain and ship. On its website we wrote about the wide variety of products it had shipped and invited customers to “Give us a challenge.”

Case Study: Shipping Company #3

Shipping company #3 differs from the first two shipping companies in that it doesn’t have representatives available to handle logistics. Instead it relies on technology, a platform built with analytics as its core component and over 75,000 lines of code.

The company also uses intelligent data collection, advanced algorithms and actionable metrics to find and present the best shipping options direct to customers, allowing customers themselves to choose their own transportation solutions.

logistics and transportation

Big data and advanced analytics are beginning to play an increased role in logistics and transportation.

Based in the U.S., it facilitates shipping by truck throughout the country. On its website, we wrote about its unique crowd-sourcing solution.

Customers, such as manufacturers and retailers, post their shipping needs and receive bids within minutes from trucking companies, all of which have previously been vetted. By leveraging technology, customers are able to optimize their logistics and cost efficiency.

copywriting for transportation company

The copywriting for this company’s website told about the technology it uses to keep transportation costs low.

Marketing Success for Shipping Companies

Many logistics, freight-forwarding and cargo-shipping companies look and sound the same. They’re competing for the same customers, and yet customers can’t tell them apart. When all vendors appear to be commodities, customers choose the cheapest providers.

copywriter for the shipping industry

A copywriter for the shipping industry knows how to highlight a company’s unique qualifications and capabilities.

Marketing success comes to those logistics and transportation companies that find a way to differentiate themselves and demonstrate their value. The copy on their website and in their marketing materials should be a big part of that strategy.

A copywriter who understands the shipping, freight-forwarding, maritime and logistics industry is critical to positioning your company and helping you achieve your sales objectives.

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Need a copywriter for your shipping, freight-forwarding or logistics company?

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