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Use these proven marketing techniques to attract more homebuyers seeking mortgages

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If you work as a mortgage broker, you know the challenges associated with building your business. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Could you handle more clients seeking mortgages?
  • Would you like to attract better clients buying bigger, more expensive homes?
  • Are you tired of depending solely on word-of-mouth to bring in new business?
  • Could growing your referral pipeline help you get out of the feast-to-famine cycle?

A professional copywriter, someone who knows how to write marketing copy for mortgage brokers, mortgage companies and lenders of all types, could be an affordable and practical way to grow your business.

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copywriter for mortgage brokers

A copywriter for mortgage brokers can be an affordable and pragmatic ticket to growing your business.

Market Your Mortgage Brokerage Online

Today’s mortgage brokers face unprecedented competition.  Not only is there an abundance of local mortgage brokers; you’ve also got to compete with the big national companies like Rocket Mortgage and Lending Tree.

Then there’s the multitude of direct lenders such as Quicken Loans and RP Funding and the big banks like Bank of America and Wells Fargo. And the internet has made it so easy for clients to access these resources!  

As a result, mortgage brokers need to be more proactive in marketing and business development than ever before.  You probably know you can’t rely on referrals and other word-of-mouth techniques as the sole means to attract clients. You won’t survive.

Promoting your mortgage company begins with a quality website written by a professional copywriter who understands the mortgage industry. It can help prospective clients searching for loans find you.

Even borrowers who’ve been referred by a friend or one of your existing clients are likely to look at your website first before picking up the phone and calling you for an appointment.  If they don’t like what they see, you’ll never have an opportunity to win their business. So you want to get it right.

marketing for mortgage brokers

Facing ever-increasing competition, today’s mortgage brokers must be proactive in marketing their services.

Take a look at your current website (assuming you have one) and ask yourself these five questions:

  1. Does your website accurately portray your experience, capabilities and mortgage brokerage services?
  2. Is it as professional as you are in person?
  3. Are you proud to send people to your mortgage website?
  4. Does your website compare well with your mortgage brokers’ sites?
  5. Is your website an effective lead-generation tool?

Unless you’re able to give a definitive “yes” to those questions, you’ll want to begin investing resources into improving your website to grow your mortgage company.

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Optimize Your Website to Generate Leads

Imagine you’re a homebuyer who’s just found your dream home. Your offer has been accepted by the seller. Now you need to get a mortgage, and preferably sooner rather than later, as you want to time the closing with the end of your apartment lease.

The first thing you do is go online and search for mortgage brokers in your city.

One company has a website that looks like it was designed by a 12-year-old. It has no photos, minimal copy and very little useful information.

Another company’s website looks professional and upscale. It has lots of information about the mortgage process and the mortgage company itself. You’re impressed with their credentials and feel confident they know their stuff.

So, put yourself in your prospect’s shoes for a moment. Which of those two companies do you think you’ll call? Which one would you choose for something as important as applying for a mortgage on your new home?

It’s a no-brainer. The second company would win your vote, of course. Choosing it over the one with the lame website is clearly the less risky decision.

As a mortgage broker or sales person for a mortgage company, can you now see how your business website could easily become a lead-generating machine or, like the three-week-old leftover Chinese food still sitting in your fridge, the thing that turns off visitors and sends them running in the other direction?

professional website for mortgage broker

Because homebuyers will often start their search for a mortgage online, you need a professional website that reflects well on your company and outlines your services and qualifications as a mortgage broker.

Consider Your Audience

Whenever you write marketing copy, you want to keep your reader in mind. What’s important to them? What’s their mindset?

According to Root Marketing, there are two main types of prospects for mortgage brokers, and each has its own agenda:

Refinance Shoppers

  • Rate-sensitive
  • Willing to shop around for quotes
  • Know what they are doing

 New Home Buyers

  • Looking for someone to guide them through the process
  • Willing to pay more for helpful advice
  • Referral driven

Depending on which group you’re targeting, you’ll want to craft your copy to resonate with their needs or concerns.

If you’re targeting both groups on your website, create separate pages: one for refinance shoppers and one for home buyers. When you write your message with the specific audience in mind, you’re more likely to get a response.

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Make a Case for Your Services

To be effective, your website needs to communicate what makes you unique and better than your competition. Website visitors must be able to get an accurate impression of your firm within a few seconds of landing on your site. First impressions count. And your message can’t be subtle or wishy-washy.  It must quickly make the best case for your services and prove you offer value.

A skilled copywriter for mortgage brokers can help you create a website or blog that builds your brand, positions you well against the competition and converts visitors into qualified prospects for your services.

mortgage broker website

A mortgage broker with an unprofessional or inadequate website is missing opportunities to attract homebuyers.

Get Customer Reviews

Almost as important as a professional website is customer reviews on sites such as Google reviews, Yelp and Facebook. Zillow has reviews especially for mortgage lenders.

You don’t need to appear on every review platform, but pick one or two that fit your business model, and make sure you create a solid presence,” according to Inman, an online real estate publication.

Additionally, you can make use of good reviews on your website. Request testimonials from your satisfied customers. Place their comments on your web pages as examples of your real-life customer feedback.

Build your website with help from a copywriter who knows the mortgage industry. Get q quote.

Promote Your Specialty

With the level of competition between lenders continually rising, standing out in the crowd isn’t easy.  One proven strategy is to develop a specialty versus only being a general practitioner.

You’ve certainly heard the expression, “You can’t be all things to all people.” Narrow your focus by choosing a niche or specialty such as:

  • Mortgages for military families
  • Mortgages for homes over $1 million
  • Mortgages for first-time home buyers
  • Mortgages for single parents
  • Mortgages for self-employed people
  • Mortgages for retired people

Get the gist? Find some specific specialty that will attract customers within the target group. That doesn’t mean you can’t do business with other types of clients. It just means you’re especially qualified to help folks who meet certain criteria in a way that other mortgage brokers may not be.

“The best way to establish authority is to select a niche and develop content that demonstrates your expertise,” according to an article about mortgage lead generation on Floify. “You don’t have to focus only on that line of business, but well-developed niche content will become your lead magnet. Is there a loan program in your area that you could become the authority on?”

Can you see how choosing a specialty can help you distinguish yourself from other mortgage brokers and lenders? It’s a critical part of building your brand and the image you create for your mortgage broker services.

build your brand

When you select areas as specialties, you are building your brand.

Once you’ve identified your specialty, your marketing can then be targeted to appeal specifically to the needs of your chosen market segment. Keep in mind, you can grow your lending business to include multiple specialties and diverse services.

A skilled copywriter for mortgage brokers can help you focus your website around your specialty, build your online profile and position you as the authority in that space.  You want everyone who comes to your website to immediately know your area(s) of expertise.  And as a specialist, clients are more likely to seek you out because an expert in the field always trumps a generalist.

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Other Marketing Tools

While having a website about your mortgage broker services is a necessity, it isn’t the only marketing tool you can use to promote your specialty and build your brand.  A copywriter for mortgage brokers can also help you create:

  • Landing pages
  • Brochures
  • Direct mailers/postcards
  • Blog posts
  • Email campaigns
  • Articles in magazines
  • Online and offline ads
  • Social media posts (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Reports and ebooks
  • Webinars and seminars

Your brand should drive everything that represents you.  With consistency and repetition, it will gain traction.

By promoting your mortgage firm’s services within your chosen specialty, prospective clients and referral sources, such as realtors, will get to know who you are and send business your way.

mortgage specialty

Having a specialty doesn’t restrict your mortgage business. It’s a proven sales technique for standing out in a crowded market.

Top Mortgage Brokers Create Content Continually

The most successful mortgage brokers are continually creating great content. They know clients today want information, and they want to become a resource for facts related to their specialty.

Once you get in the mindset of creating content, you’ll find a plethora of topics for you or your professional copywriter to write about. Consider these ideas:

  • Write a mortgage blog that offers interesting tips for homebuyers / borrowers. If you don’t have your own blog, you can do guest posts on other people’s blogs such as realtors and have them link back to your site.
  • Stay in touch with previous clients via a newsletter or email campaigns, so they’ll remember to refer you to their friends. 
  • Publish articles on LinkedIn, establishing yourself as a mortgage authority
  • Set up a Facebook Business page and post insightful, topical content positioning you as a mortgage industry expert
  • Post photos and descriptions on Instagram of happy customers standing in front of their new home, which they got with a loan you helped them obtain (Way to go!)

Use SEO to Get Found

Today most people start their search for a product or service with Google.  If you don’t come up on search engines for your specialty or geographic area, then you won’t be found.  And that means, you won’t have a chance to try to win the visitor’s business.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessity if you want your website to come up organically (as opposed to paid ads) in search results. Your firm needs to be on page one of Google or it may as well not be listed at all—55% of all clicks go to one of the first three organic search results.

mortgage website SEO

If you want your mortgage website to come up in Google search results, you must use SEO best practices.

By writing and publishing valuable content, using the relevant keywords your prospective clients are searching for, you can improve your mortgage company’s website ranking in search engine results, which makes it easier for people to find your practice online.

Every page on your website should be optimized to rank for a careful selection of 1-3 keywords. Those words should then be skillfully woven throughout the content and placed in some of the headlines and subheads. 

A copywriter who understands SEO can write copy and employ proven techniques to help you rise in the rankings.

Need help with SEO? Work with an SEO copywriter who understands the mortgage industry.

Marketing Isn’t Optional for Mortgage Brokers

Today’s most successful mortgage brokers are continually building their brand and promoting their services.  They become the authorities in their space and use proven marketing tactics to gain visibility.

They don’t build a website and forget about it.  They’re continually updating and adding to it with new information that their clients will find useful.  And they don’t rely on just one form of marketing.  They use multiple methods and media to attract a continual stream of new clients.

If your mortgage business is ready to grow, hoping prospective clients will find you is not a strategy.  Also, marketing shouldn’t be a one-and-done function.  You can’t toss your line into the lake once and expect to get your fish.  That’s just not how it works.  To see the best results and eliminate the feast-or-famine cycle so many mortgage brokers experience, your marketing efforts need to be ongoing.

copywriter for mortgage industry

A copywriter who understands the mortgage industry can help you create impactful content for your marketing materials.

If writing isn’t the best use of your time, work with a professional copywriter who can create content to promote your services as a mortgage broker.

A copywriter with a marketing background can help you find opportunities to promote your services for home buyers and home owners and position you as a leading mortgage broker in your field.

* * *

Are you a mortgage broker who’d like to grow your business? Do you need assistance creating copy for your website?

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