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Copywriter for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities for Seniors

Marketing Your Eldercare Services with Grace

Need help writing web copy to promote your nursing home or assisted living facility?

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Need help writing web copy or blog posts for your senior-care facility? Get a quote.

If you’re handling the marketing and copywriting for a nursing home, long-term care facility, continuing care retirement community, or assisted living and memory care facility, you know how sensitive you must be in writing the subject matter.

The person you’re targeting is likely a spouse, adult child or other family member making a heart-wrenching decision about how best to care for an elderly relative. He or she wants to make the right decision, one that will give them peace of mind, knowing their loved one is in a good place where they’ll have quality of life, feel safe and be cared for by compassionate people.

quality web copy targeting seniors

Make your website effective with quality web copy targeting seniors and their families.

That means every word of your marketing materials needs to be carefully chosen. The written content should instill confidence in the reader that your facility is the right choice. In your copy you want to clearly communicate the following:

  • Senior-care services you provide
  • Level of care residents receive
  • Qualifications of your staff and facility
  • Loving, caring culture
nursing home, assisted living

Your website copy must convey the compassionate culture at your nursing home.

According to Marketing Profs, family members aren’t the only ones making decisions regarding a senior’s care, and that’s something to keep in mind when writing the marketing copy. 

“Nursing home placements are often ‘need driven’ rather than ‘choice driven.’ The placement of individuals into a nursing home can be prompted by some event that causes them to need your product, especially with Medicare A. Therefore, you may need to target people who decide skilled therapy is required. This includes, mostly doctors and hospitals and sometimes rehab hospitals.”

Want help writing web copy or blog posts for your senior-care facility? Request a quote.

rehab centers, nursing homes

Consider targeting healthcare professionals who refer patients to rehab centers, nursing homes and memory care facilities, as they can play a key role in making decisions regarding care for their senior patients.

How to Write Your Nursing Home’s Website

When copywriting a website to promote your long-term care or assisted living facility, you want to provide detailed information that answers the questions prospects likely have in mind. At the same time you want your copy to achieve the following objectives:

  • Be as professional as the staff are in person
  • Convey the image and brand you’ve built for your company
  • Inspire trust that your operation is run professionally and with compassion
  • Persuade prospective patients (or their family members) to contact you with questions and to schedule an appointment to tour the facility

When you successfully create compelling web copy, it will resonate with family members choosing between senior care facilities for their loved one.

eldercare, nursing home

Family members need to feel confident your facility is a good fit for their loved one.

According to Marketing Profs, “There’s little doubt that online marketing [for senior facilities] is burgeoning beyond all our abilities to summarize it simply. But you simply have to use effective online marketing. If you’re not found online, you’re missing many people who are researching on the web first.”

copywriter for senior care facilities

Promote your assisted living residence or assisted living facility with engaging photos and quality copy.

Consider Using a Copywriter

If writing content for your own website isn’t something you enjoy doing or you recognize that your time is best spent elsewhere, consider working with a professional copywriter.

An experienced website copywriter who knows what senior care, long-term care and continuing care retirement facilities are and understands the concerns of your clients can create your website copy. She can highlight those special qualities that make your nursing home or assisted living center the right choice. And she can accelerate your facility’s success in the market.

Request a quote on copywriting for your senior-care business.

senior care, elder care

A professional copywriter can help draw attention to your facility’s best qualities.

Use Other Marketing Materials Too

When the copy on your website is well-written, as well as optimized for search engines so it ranks high on Google, it should generate inquiries for your facility. However, you don’t have to rely solely on your website for lead generation.

market your assisted living or senior care facility

Don’t rely solely on your website to market your assisted living or senior care facility. Using a media mix can increase visibility to different target audiences and build your brand in the community.

Consider also creating other marketing tools to build your brand and visibility. As examples, a professional copywriter for senior care facilities can assist you with items such as these:

  • Landing pages – Target specific niches such as patients with Alzheimer’s or seniors who need daily rehabilitation services with keenly focused landing pages.
  • Sales letters – A succinct, single-page letter that describes your eldercare facility is an excellent tactic for introducing your business to potential referral sources such as hospital and rehab center staff.
  • Brochures – When you meet with a family member, speak by phone or exchange emails, it’s a good practice to follow-up with a brochure that explains in writing your range of capabilities and reiterates the qualities of your senior facility.
eldercare copywriter

In writing about your nursing home, focus on benefits such as quality of care, experienced staff, tasty food and fun activities.

  • Social Media – The target decision-maker for whether mom or dad should move into a nursing home is often the eldest daughter in the family. Be sure to establish a presence on social media where she can learn about your elder care services and perhaps read positive comments written by other daughters who faced a similar situation. Social media marketing can reach your intended audience and help you build relationships that extend outside your facility.
  • Ads – Print ads as well as online ads on Google or media like Facebook can help you reach out to new prospects who might otherwise not know you exist.
  • Trade show materials (i.e. handouts, signage) – Marketing at an event in your local area is an opportunity talk to family members seeking nursing home care for a loved one.

Want help writing web copy or articles to promote your senior-care facility? Request a quote.

assisted living facility

Your marketing materials should let community members know about your senior-care facility and services so they can refer seniors to you.

Choose the Right Tone

Be authentic in your messaging. Explain in real terms why your facility or services for seniors are excellent. Avoid clinical terminology and assume a friendly tone.

Remember, you’re there to help. Avoid fear-based marketing, which is often lacking in taste and can be offensive. Instead focus on benefits such as quality of care, experienced staff, excellent food and fun activities.

Talk about how you’ve created a safe but vibrant and engaging environment for your patients. And reference science to explain that senior care like yours helps patients to require fewer medications, live longer and enjoy their days.

Encourage Reviews from Fans

Today’s consumers welcome all the input they can get before making a difficult decision such as where to place mom or dad in their senior years. Online reviews are easily found via a Google search and your prospective customers see them as a reliable source of feedback.

senior care copywriter

Ask families of your seniors to write reviews of your facility on social media sites like Yelp and Facebook.

Help to control your online image by encouraging families of your current seniors to write reviews on social sites like Yelp and Facebook. If you don’t yet have a Yelp account or Facebook page, you need to set them up.

Give Your Marketing the Boost it Needs

As an experienced professional working in the eldercare industry, you know the expertise of your staff is critical to the quality of care at your facility.

Similarly, a professional copywriter has expertise that can help you maximize the effectiveness of your marketing materials and extend your reach to people in your community who need the important services you provide.

Get help writing web copy or blog posts for your senior-care facility. Request a quote.

Grandpa walking with granddaughter

A professional copywriter can help you maximize the effectiveness of your marketing materials.

Contact a copywriter to promote your nursing home, memory care services or assisted living facility and see what a difference working with a professional eldercare writer makes.

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Need help writing web copy to promote your nursing home or assisted living facility?

Get a no-obligation quote on your project.

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