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How to acquire new owners to grow your property management business

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Do you own or operate a property management company? Perhaps you’re ready to grow and take on more properties but you’re having trouble getting clients. Or maybe you’ve decided to target a specific niche like office space or vacation homes and need to get the word out.

copywriter for property management firms

A copywriter for property management firms can help you attract more clients.

You know you offer excellent value and your current property owners are pleased with your services. A copywriter for property managers can assist you in your marketing efforts to attract new clients.

Summary — Marketing Your Property Management Company

  • Create a professional website that explains your services.
  • Write landing pages to target specific niche audiences.
  • Send out sales letters about your services to property owners.
  • Develop a brochure you can email or give to prospects.
  • Create a blog that positions you as an expert.
  • Use social media to increase exposure for your company.
property management business

Word-of-mouth referrals may not be sufficient to grow your property management business.

Start with a Property Management Website

There are approximately 80,000 property managers in the United States in 2021 according to Real Property Management. Most are mom-and-pop businesses with only one to four employees and revenue under $1 million. Approximately 90% provide property management services to only a single location.

Over 60% of property management companies don’t have a website. Surprising, isn’t it? That means they rely on word-of-mouth to grow their business, which may not be enough to grow at a steady pace.

If your business falls into that category of lacking an online presence, it’s time to get busy. A website can easily be your best marketing tool. It’s how clients can find you when they’re seeking local property management services.

marketing tools

A website is a necessity. All your other marketing tools will refer traffic to it.

A website also helps legitimize your business, making you look substantial and well established. Loosely translated, that means a website builds trust for your business, which is a necessity for attracting new.

What to Include in Your Website

A basic website is affordable to build and maintain. There’s really no excuse to not have one. It’s something any prospective clients will insist on seeing before they hire you.

According to Blue Corona marketing, “You need to connect with landlords and property owners, pique their attention, and gain their trust without ever speaking to them.”

At a minimum, you’ll want to write the following key pages for your property management website:

  • Home – Give a quick overview of your company and services.
  • About Us – Explain what makes you unique, your qualifications and experience.
  • Services – Describe what you do such as “find quality tenants” and “handle maintenance requests.”
  • Contact Us – Make it easy for prospects to contact you by giving your email address and phone. It’s also a good idea to include your physical address. People like to know where the property management company is located.
basic website

You can start with a basic website to begin building your online presence.

Other than those key web pages, you can also consider adding an FAQ page in which you answer a prospect’s concerns such as, “Do you have a maintenance team?” and “How do you qualify tenants?”

Another page that’s worth adding if you have the content to do so is Testimonials. Do you have satisfied customers? Are there any properties with which you have a long history?

Have property owners provide you with a few sentences about how pleased they are with your services and why they chose to work with you over other property management companies. Those objective, third-party recommendations will hold weight with other property owners. Just be sure to include the testimonial giver’s full name, property and location to make their testimonials more credible.


At a minimum, your website should include Home, About Us, Services and Contact pages.

While you can certainly create additional pages for your property management website, having at a minimum the basic pages outlined here will help you get off to great start.

Write Landing Pages

An excellent marketing tool for property management companies are landing pages. These are individual, stand-alone pages that target a specific niche online and allow you to position your company as a specialist.

Instead of sending prospects to the homepage of your website, which is generic to appeal to everyone, you’re sending them to a page that is exclusively aimed at a particular group of property owners. Consider these landing page examples.

  • Property management for Martha’s Vineyard, MA.
  • Property management for retirement communities in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Property management for South Beach, FL condo hotels.
  • Property management for multi-building apartment complexes in Richmond, VA.
  • Property management for beach cottages in Hampton Beach, NH.
  • Property management for high-rise condominiums in Houston, TX.
  • Property management for single-family homes in Los Angeles, CA.

Once you’ve chosen your focus, a property management copywriter can write content that describes your specialized services and unique qualifications to work in that niche. If you have multiple niches, then create multiple landing pages.

landing pages

Landing pages are good for targeting a specific niche or audience.

According to marketing, “A landing page will convince your prospect – a landlord or a real estate investor searching for a property management company – that you are the best in the area – the company they want to work with.”

When properly written, landing pages often rank high on Google for their main keywords. However, if you’re in an extremely competitive marketing for property management, you may need to invest in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to drive traffic to your landing page.

Write a Sales Letter

Contrary to what you might think, sales letters aren’t only for new property management companies recently started. They can be a great way for any company to find new customers.

Identify specific targets in your area. Maybe you can purchase a mailing list of say property owners within a certain zip code. Or, if you’re targeting apartment complexes, you may be able to identify them yourself and create your own list.

sales letter for property management services

Get in front of property owners with a well-written sales letter that outlines your property management services.

A good sales letter spells out your services and capabilities and includes a call-to-action, which can be a request for a meeting, for more information or even just a phone call. It should also include a link to your website, so that property owners who are interested can learn more about your business.

Consider working with a sales letter copywriter to craft a quality letter. It’s a one-time expense that will pay for itself many times over as you build your client base.

 Write a Brochure

A brochure, similar to a website, can help build your property management company’s credibility. It summarizes your services and provides enough background to prove you’re uniquely qualified to do those services.

You might consider including the brochure with the sales letter you send out. If you go to any in-person meetings, it’s a great leave-behind to help remind the prospect about your company.

differentiate your property management company

What services help you differentiate your property management company from competitors?

A brochure can be electronic, able to be sent via email or downloaded from your website. An electronic version can be attached to an email sales letter. Or it can be printed as a hard copy and enclosed in an envelope with a sales letter sent via U.S. mail or left behind at any in-person meetings to stay top-of-mind with your prospect.

If you’ve never written a brochure before, consider using a brochure copywriter who can craft the words to maximize its effectiveness and can provide guidance with regard to its design, production and printing.


Brochures can be in electronic form for email or printed form to be sent by regular mail or left behind after an in-person meeting.

Write a Blog

Many property managers have embraced the blog as the perfect medium for them to stay in touch with their existing clients and attract new ones as well.

Writing a blog positions you as an authority in your field. It allows you to showcase your expertise and give your perspective on issues related to property management. It becomes a place where you can share information about developments in your local area.


A blog is an excellent tool for staying in touch with existing customers and promoting your services to new prospects.

For example, if you manage beach cottages in a seasonal community, you can talk about any changes in that community such as new restaurants and businesses and new construction. Perhaps the city is building new docks or fixing the jetty after a major storm.

All of those news-type items will be of interest to property owners. You can also speak of upcoming events and anything planned for the upcoming season, etc. By doing so, you’ll also be promoting your commitment to the local area.

freelance blog writer

Writing blog posts can be time consuming. Consider outsourcing your blog content to a freelance blog writer.

You can write blog posts weekly or monthly. If you have social media accounts, you can use them to promote those posts. If writing a blog seems like a chore, then work with a professional blog writer, who can come up with topics and do all the writing.

No matter how you choose to create the content, know that your blog will help give your property management company visibility, which should ultimately result in attracting new customers.

Invest in marketing

Property owners need your management services. Make it easy for them to find you by investing in marketing.

Marketing Your Property Management Company

Acquiring new owners is essential to grow a property management business. Fortunately, owners are looking for management companies that will take over landlord responsibilities and give them peace of mind that their properties are in the right hands. You just need to help them find you.

A skilled property management copywriter can work with you to produce marketing materials that will attract the kinds of customers you seek and accelerate the growth of your company.

* * *

Need help writing web copy to promote your property management company?

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