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marketing your spa

You’ve invested in a beautiful med spa facility and decorated it with care. You’ve gone to great lengths to create a serene environment, a virtual oasis, where customers can, upon entering, feel a sense of peace.

You’ve spared no expense to provide first-class amenities and luxurious services meant to refresh and rejuvenate. You’ve hired an outstanding staff to pamper your customers with everything from massages and facials to anti-aging procedures, wraps and makeovers.

Or maybe yours is a cosmetic spa and you have medical personnel who can apply Botox, dermal fillers and do laser hair removal. Perhaps it’s an IV spa, the newest treatment trend, and you’re offering IV vitamin infusions to boost energy levels, increase immunity and improve overall health and beauty.

Now it’s time to focus on bringing in more customers.

getting clients for your spa

You’ve created the perfect spa environment. Now all you need are clients.

With all the accoutrements in place, you’d like to increase sales at your spa. You want more clients and better clients, people who appreciate the value of indulging themselves in the full spa experience. Sounds like you need to do some marketing!

A Med Spa Copywriter

Marketing begins with good copywriting. A skilled freelance copywriter who is comfortable writing about spas and luxury products can help translate all that you offer into persuasive sales materials that deliver customers to your door.

spa website

A professional caliber website is a great place to start for marketing your spa.

Start with the content for your med spa website. Your website should be your primary marketing tool. Consider it your storefront to the world, the place where you welcome newcomers and graciously tell them about all your spa offers.

If you already have a website, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your website working for you?
  • Does it represent your brand well?
  • Is it as professional in appearance and content as the services you provide?
  • Does it generate new business for you?
  • Finally, does it persuade customers to trust you? That’s especially important if you’re offering IV vitamin therapy and other med-spa treatments.

If you didn’t answer “yes” to any of those questions, you may need to think about improvements.

A copywriter with a spa marketing background and an understanding of med and cosmetic spa treatments can assess your online image and offer refinements that could enhance your success. You might be pleasantly surprised at how small tweaks can often make a big difference.

spa brochure and direct mail

Once you have a quality spa website, then look to other marketing materials like brochures and direct mail.

When you’re satisfied with the quality of your website, it’s time to consider other marketing tools, such as brochures, ads, email marketing, press releases and promotional flyers.

A copywriter can help you gain visibility in your community and spread the word out about your spa services. Word-of-mouth referrals are wonderful, but they’re not enough. If you aren’t doing any marketing, you’re potentially missing out on business that’s going to your competition.

How Copywriters Work

If you’ve never worked with a freelance copywriter, the process looks something like this.

Step 1 — Let’s have a 30- to 60-minute conversation, typically by phone. We’ll ask you lots of questions. Hopefully, it won’t feel too much like an interrogation; we just want to understand your spa business.

spa copywriter

A professional copywriter can quickly get up to speed on your spa business and write effective copy.

Step 2 — We’ll write a first draft for your review. When you read that draft, you should recognize your thoughts and words from your phone conversation, as the copywriter will try to write in “your voice.”

If you want any revisions, now is the time to speak up. You can either mark your edits on your draft or, if you’d prefer, we can chat about them by phone.

Step 3 — In copywriting a second draft we’ll incorporate any revisions you requested. By this stage, the copy should meet your expectations, although additional fine-tuning, if needed, is never a problem. We want to ensure you love every word!

spa copywriter

Relax. A copywriter can provide guidance in how best to attract spa clients.

What It Costs for Professional Copy

Of course you want to know prices, just like all your spa customers, right? Every project is unique, so there’s no predetermined flat rate. Once we have an understanding of the scope of your work, we’ll give you a quote before starting work so you know exactly what to expect.

We focus on giving value and have been told our prices are extremely fair. Good copy brings you business. If new copy generates just one or two new clients for your spa business, it will have paid for itself.

copy to promote your spa

Often the copy to promote your spa can be completed in days; fast and easy!

How Long It Takes

Turnaround time will depend on how large and complex is your project. When we give you a price, we’ll also provide a timeline. In most cases, you can be up and running with your copy sooner than you think. And that truly is one of the best parts of working with a freelance copywriter.

While it could take you weeks or months to get around to writing the copy by yourself, a freelance copywriter can usually get the job done quickly and painlessly in just a few days.

Social Media for Your Spa

Once you have a quality website that proudly represents your spa’s brand, consider using social media to increase your visibility and deepen the loyalty of your existing clientele. Start with a Facebook page.

social media to promote your spa

Promote your spa on social media including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

According to a recent article on Spa Marketing Ideas, Facebook is a great place to “post daily specials and promotions, new products and services, new staff members, extended holiday hours and anything else that comes up.”

They also recommend you make your Facebook page informative, not just promotional. Write content that will interest your customers such as  posting beauty tips and tricks, relaxation techniques and more. Other social media sites worthy of your consideration are Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Encourage your customers to post about your spa and their experience on social media. The easiest way is to offer a discount to anyone who writes a post or favorable review.

Use Email to Target Existing Customers

When someone comes to your spa, ask them for an email address. You then have the means to contact them and market your services.

Email marketing for spas

Email marketing to your existing spa customers can drive repeat business.

App Institute suggests using some of the following strategies to increase visits from repeat customers:

  • Send an email reminder about your services
  • Promote any new services, such as IV vitamin therapy
  • Send a monthly offer such as a free service or a discount
  • Run a fun competition for a free service
  • Offer a bring-a-friend special price
  • Send updates about expansions and new hires

When done correctly with professional copywriting, email marketing to existing spa customers can drive repeat business and offer a significant return on investment.

Create Your Spa’s Blog

Social media, email marketing and blogs go hand-in-hand. You can use them to cross-promote and get more mileage out of all your spa promotions. A blog writer can help you create the content.

professional copywriter

Working with a professional copywriter frees you up to focus on running your spa.

According to a recent article by the Spa Industry Association, “A blog gives you the ability to really show off your spa’s personality and knowledge in the industry. Here you can share your advice on body care and new aesthetic trends. A blog is also a good place to give or discuss any product reviews (especially those products you sell).”

If you’re promoting IV treatments in your spa, use your blog to educate your customers. They may be fearful of IV nutrient therapy. Write posts about how safe it is, what the various IV treatments do and all the wonderful benefits they offer (including fast hangover relief).

Getting Started

Every day you wait to step up your marketing efforts is a day your competitors advance. The sooner you get your marketing ducks in a row, the sooner you’ll start seeing a return on your spa business investment.

marketing your spa

Relax. Marketing your spa is easy when you work with the right professionals.

Marketing research indicates that messages are more effective when repeated multiple times, . So even if you’ve done some basic marketing, don’t let up. “The more platforms you use to promote your message, the better chance you have at a patient taking action and scheduling an appointment,” according to Power2Practice.

Tell us about your spa and your marketing needs. Let us make some suggestions and recommend a plan of action. There’s no obligation or cost, just an opportunity to explore some exciting possibilities for taking your spa business to the next level.

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