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How to Write Copy That Stands Out in the Crowded Diet Industry

Want to increase the sales of your weight loss products? Work with a copywriter who understands the diet industry.

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Promote Your Weight Loss Product

  • Educate your customers
  • Explain the science behind your product
  • Provide proof with testimonials
  • Be visible on social media
  • Share success stories
  • Offer a guarantee
  • Add the element of urgency

For decades people have been searching for weight loss products that can help them get rid of excess pounds, and preferably without having to give up the foods they love or spend hours each week at the gym.

weight loss supplements

The demand for weight loss supplements has created a large, lucrative industry.

Approximately 40% of U.S. adults aged 20 and over are considered obese, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. And over 70% of adults 20 and older are overweight, including obesity.

Rising weight and obesity rates is a major health epidemic that has triggered the growth of the weight loss industry. “Diet supplements are often recommended to overweight individuals seeking to reduce their weight and, along with it, their risk of contracting life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, cardiac arrest and stroke,” according to Research and Markets.

Thousands of weight loss products have been created to meet the strong demand. Consumers have more choices than ever before and presumably lower prices due to competition.

Diet supplement industry

Getting noticed in the crowded diet supplement industry isn’t easy.

But if you’re a company selling one of those weight loss products, gaining visibility and attracting customers is challenging because the diet field is so crowded.

The U.S. weight loss market is now worth a record $72 billion. How can you get your share of the dieting pie?

Strong copywriting is critical. It’s the key to getting noticed and differentiating your product from others in the diet and weight loss industry. And, since even a small increase in response rates can translate into thousands of dollars in sales, quality copy is well worth the investment.

A weight loss copywriter, someone who is familiar with the industry along with marketing best practices, can help you achieve your sales objectives.

The Competitive Landscape

Prescription and non-prescription drugs, herbal products and other dietary supplements are all tools that may help with weight loss. Supplements —  whether in capsule, tablet, powder or liquid form — are designed to reduce body weight by increasing the metabolism and decreasing appetite. Some can also help with building muscle. Others stress their energy-boosting properties.

“The reality is that there’s no magic pill or supplement that promotes energy and weight loss. However, there are herbs and supplements out there, when taken in combination with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a consistent sleep pattern, that help boost energy and weight loss,” according to ivee, which offers wellness IV therapy.

Top manufacturers in the industry are Amway, Glanbia, GlaxoSmithKline, Herbalife and Iovate Health Sciences International.

nutritional products

To be effective in selling your nutritional products, your promotional copy must be interesting, engaging and persuasive.

To go up against these manufacturers and their distributors, not to mention the thousands of smaller weight loss product businesses, you’ll have to be clever in your approach to marketing.

“As the weight loss industry continues to grow, marketers will have to find new ways to capture the attention of consumers while promoting products in an honest, legal and effective way,” according to Natural Products Insider.

Quality Copywriting Is Critical

If you’ve ever read the ads for dietary and weight loss supplements, you know they can be lengthy, filled with persuading commentary to help you envision the success you can expect if you use their product.

In other industries, you can get by with a billboard-type statement and a few sentences. But to sell diet pills, you’ll need to provide significantly more detail if your copy is to be compelling.

Most people trying to lose weight have tried a variety of diets and products. If they’ve had any success, it’s either been limited or short-lived. To persuade them that your product is different – offering significant and lasting results – you’ll need to offer plenty of proof in the form of quality copywriting.

Your marketing materials should help to educate people. Show them how you can help solve issues such as obesity, poor health and inadequate nutrition. 

Use Copy to Make Your Case

Weight loss supplements aren’t medicine; they’re a discretionary product. A person with diabetes needs insulin. Without it, they risk serious illness and possibly death. But diet pills are rarely a necessity. Of course, most people want the physical benefits that come with a healthy weight, but not taking diet supplements won’t harm their well-being.

weight loss product copy

Your weight loss product copy must highlight the benefits and anticipated results.

Therefore, your copy must make a strong case for your product if it’s to get results. It needs to provide clear, concise benefits that can convert skeptical prospects into enthusiastic buyers and eventually raving fans. And don’t forget to add an element of urgency.

Provide a rationale for customers to act now. Perhaps it’s a special price you’re offering for a limited time or maybe it’s just a month or two until bathing suit season. Whatever the reason, adding a sense of urgency can be the little push a customer needs to stop procrastinating and start losing weight today!

Include These Components in Your Copy

Writing copy for your weight loss product deserves your best thinking. Find a balance between scientific facts and emotional copy. Avoid writing with hyperbole. You don’t want to sound “salesy.”

Pushy may work for selling cars but it creates doubt for dietary products. If it sounds too good to be true, people won’t believe your claims. You’re better to strive for authenticity and transparency.

weight loss copy

Find a balance between scientific facts and emotion when writing your weight loss copy.

To build credibility and generate sales, consider including each of these components in your marketing copy:

  • Eye-catching Headline – A good headline grabs attention and propels the reader toward the text. It should state the main benefit your product provides, whether that’s “Lose 10 lbs. in one week” or “Drop the pounds without changing your current diet” or “Lose fat and gain muscle without spending hours in the gym.” Use subheads throughout your copy to deliver secondary benefits and turn big chunks of copy into easy-to-digest passages.
  • Narrative Copy – What does your product do? Why does it work? How is it better than competing products? This is your opportunity to use the facts that support your claims.
  • Testimonials – Nothing is more persuasive in the weight loss industry than personal stories of success. In many ways, customers have more credibility than the product’s seller or manufacturer. Their words are powerful, so be sure to incorporate them into your marketing copy.
  • Case Studies – Longer than testimonials, case studies are stories that explain the problem, present the solution (presumably your weight loss product), and describe the positive results. Ideally, your case studies will profile people to whom your target audience can relate. They should make the reader think, “If she saw positive results using this product, then so will I!”
weight loss case studies

Case studies about satisfied customers are extremely effective in promoting weight loss supplements. Photo courtesy of Total Shape.

  • Physician Claims – Any quotes from doctors who support your diet products will help build your credibility. You can also consider getting quotes from people in the fitness industry. Be sure to include their professional titles along with their quotes.
  • Social Proof – If your product has received any positive reviews online or been endorsed by celebrities or prominent bloggers in the diet and nutrition industry, include their comments in your copy.
  • Statistics – Numbers can be even more compelling than words in supporting your claims. Saying you lost 22 lbs. in one month is more persuasive than saying you lost a lot of weight. Saying that 7 out of 10 doctors surveyed recommend your product is more impressive than saying doctors like your product.
weight loss product studies

If your weight loss product has been the subject of studies, your claims will be more credible.

  • Studies – Has your weight loss product been studied or clinically tested? If so, provide the facts to further strengthen your benefit statements.
  • Credentials – Seals of approval, awards won or medical association memberships can go a long way in convincing prospects that your product and company are legitimate and worthy of their consideration.
  • Bullets – Lists catch the eye. Summarize you key benefit statements with concise, pointed bullets.
  • FAQsFrequently asked questions allow you to address customer concerns and restate your most important selling points in an easy-to-read, Q/A format.
  • Images – Seeing is believing. Photos can visually support your product claims. Consider using pictures of the product packaging, ingredients (such as plants), medical photos or illustrations, and before and after photos of customers.
marketing copy

Throughout your marketing copy, incorporate photos of the product, ingredients and customer before-and-after weight loss photos.

  • Call to Action – As any salesperson will tell you, at the end of your presentation, you need to ask for the sale. For weight loss products, provide a compelling offer and be clear in spelling out the exact steps for placing an order, whether by phone, mail or online. Powerful closing lines prompt a prospect to take action.
  • Deadline – The best way to turn procrastinators into customers is to give a deadline. It can be a special introductory price available for a limited time or the incentive of a bonus gift for which there is a limited quantity.
  • Guarantee – When you remove the risk, you increase sales. A money-back guarantee if the customer isn’t satisfied reduces friction in the sales process.
weight loss product

Your copywriting should help customers envision their success with your weight loss product.

Apply good copywriting practices to any of the marketing tools you use. And yes, “tools” is plural. Don’t focus all your energy on only one medium. You’ll see better results by reaching a broader and more diverse audience when you have your message in multiple places such as:

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Direct Mail or Email
  • Brochure
  • Blog
  • Video
  • Trade Show
  • Ads 
  • And more!

When you use multiple media, just be sure that your message remains clear and your branding is consistent. 

From Concept to Content

If you know your product inside and out but you’re struggling to put those words on paper, you are not alone. Some of the nation’s best salespeople are amazing in explaining their product but totally inept at putting those thoughts into writing. If writing isn’t one of your strengths, don’t despair. You can hire talent and save yourself a lot of grief.

professional copywriter

A professional copywriter who understands the weight loss industry can help you create effective marketing materials.

An experienced copywriter who knows how to write sales copy can get the job done right. Whether it’s a chore for you to craft your own copy, or it’s just not the best use of your time, consider working with a professional weight loss copywriter. She can quickly get up to speed on your product and craft benefit-rich copy that delivers a solid return on investment.

Promoting your weight loss product

Promoting your weight loss product requires consistency and repetition. Think marathon, not sprint.

Be sure your message is consistent on your website as well as your other marketing tools, such as social media, brochures and ads. Continuity builds your brand and visibility to maximize sales.

For Quality Copy, Contact Us Now

Every day your weight loss supplements sit in their box gathering dust is a day you missed out on potential sales. And at the same time, while you probably don’t want to think about it, your competitors likely made progress on meeting their goals.

weight loss copywriter

A weight loss copywriter can help you achieve your sales objectives.

A skilled copywriter is worth her weight in gold when it comes to getting a response to your marketing efforts. Don’t focus on the costs of copy but rather on the results it’s likely to deliver. Better copy translates into increased sales and bigger profits, which is what business success is all about!

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Want to increase the sales of your weight loss products? Work with a copywriter who understands the diet industry.

Get a no-obligation quote here.

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