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Now that millions of Americans have jumped on the yoga bandwagon, there has never been a better time to open a yoga studio. According to a national study by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance, yogis spend 16.8 billion dollars each year on classes, clothing, equipment, and accessories.

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As yoga has gained popularity, it’s attracted more yoga studios to the field adding a new level of competitiveness to the industry.

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If you are interested in opening a yoga studio or currently own or manage one, marketing is essential as clients won’t just walk in your door and turn your studio into a success.

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Marketing your yoga services should begin with a quality website.

By putting effort into your yoga studio’s marketing, particularly your website, you’ll be able to attract new clients, keep current ones, and increase the profitability of your business. You can tackle the task on your own or work with a yoga copywriter.

Why Copywriting Matters for Yoga Studios

Copywriting is a key component of marketing. You can launch a website or hand out brochures at a local event but if the copy on these assets isn’t compelling or conversion-oriented, your marketing efforts are unlikely to pay off.

Marketing for yoga studios

Marketing is essential to attracting customers to your yoga studio.

With effective copywriting, you can capture the attention of new clients and position yourself as an expert in the yoga community. In addition, you can convince current clients to continue to attend the yoga classes at your studio.

Below are some copywriting tips that are bound to help your yoga studio thrive.

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Define Your Mission

Yoga studios are in business to help people from all walks of life improve their health in a natural and effective way. However, every yoga studio has a different mission. According to Bplans, a mission statement defines a company’s goals in three important ways. Your content should include a mission statement that defines:

  • What your yoga studio does for its clients
  • What your yoga studio does for its instructors and other employees
  • What your yoga studio does for its owners
Write your yoga mission

Write your yoga studio’s mission statement and include it on all your marketing materials.

Create Inspiring Headlines

Most yogis like to be inspired. They want to read something that makes them stop and think. Therefore, it’s important that each of your marketing materials features inspiring headlines.

A generic headline like “try a yoga class at our studio” is bland and overused. Try to think out of the box and create headlines that allow your studio to truly stand out from the crowd. One example is “Unleash the relaxed, happy you with our yoga classes.”

Highlight the Benefits of Yoga

You know that there are countless benefits of yoga. It can improve flexibility, build muscle strength, perfect posture, protect the spine, prevent cartilage and joint breakdown, increase blood flow, boost immunity, and so much more.

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Describe the many benefits yoga offers in your website copy.

For example, Start Standing, a yoga-related website, promotes yoga as the means to reduce stress and tension. “Deep breathing combined with prolonged focus on doing the postures that consciously tense and relax muscles results in yoga practitioners feeling relaxed and energized after practice.”

While yogis may be familiar with these health benefits, a prospective client who is new to yoga may not be. For this reason, you should highlight the positive results that come from doing yoga in your marketing materials. Emphasize how yoga can improve someone’s physical and mental well-being and help them become a happier, healthier person.

Explain Why Your Yoga Studio is Different

With so many yoga studios out there, you have to emphasize why your yoga studio is unique.

  • Do you offer free classes to clients on their birthdays?
  • Can new clients try a week of classes at no cost?
  • Does your studio host special yoga seminars and events?
  • Is there a shop that sells high-quality yoga apparel?
  • Are yoga classes for children available?
  • Are you open during lunch time hours so that busy working professionals can fit a class into their schedules?

Perform some market research to find out what other yoga studios in your local area are offering and think about how you can paint your studio in a different light.

Write-ups about yoga instructors

Develop write-ups about your yoga instructors and help them build a following.

Introduce Your Instructors

Instructors are the lifeline of any yoga studio. Your copy should introduce your instructors in a way that gets clients excited to meet them and try one of their classes. Rather than simply stating their name, discuss their experience and qualifications. Also, mention a fun fact or two to bring some excitement into your introductions.

Promote an Offer

To push new and current clients in the door of your studio, it’s a good idea to provide them with some type of offer. Whether it’s a week of free classes, a coupon that can be used towards a purchase at your in-studio shop, a discount for bringing a friend, or a free yoga mat for purchasing a yearly membership, an offer is a must.

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Special promotions

Use special promotions and limited time offers to attract new clients.

Your offer should stand out in your text and be written in a way that really captures new and current clients. If it is hidden in the text or promoted without any enthusiasm, it may get overlooked.

Why a Website is Vital for Yoga Studios

Perhaps the most important marketing material your yoga studio can have Is a website. With a website, you can create an online presence and find new clients online. Your website should be user-friendly, professionally designed, and include all of the items mentioned above.

Additionally, it needs to be optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) so that you capture the right types of site visitors. For instance, if your yoga studio is located in West Palm Beach, Florida, your website should be optimized for “yoga studio in West Palm Beach, Florida.”

copywriter for yoga studios

When writing the website copy for your yoga studio, be sure to use SEO best practices for optimum performance.

This way, anyone who is searching for a yoga studio in the West Palm Beach area can find your yoga studio online. Think about it. You don’t want New Yorkers visiting your site a they can’t come to your yoga classes and help your bottom line.

A website can also help you collect email addresses from potential and existing clients. These email addresses can be used to promote discounts, special events, referral programs, new instructors, and more.

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Your target audience wants to hear about you and your yoga classes. Find new ways to reach them.

Other Marketing Tools for Yoga Studios

While a website is a must-have for a yoga studio, there are a variety of other marketing materials that can help you meet or even exceed your business goals. These marketing materials include:

  • Blog
  • Brochures
  • Emails
  • Press releases
  • Advertisements
  • Social media posts
  • Infographics
  • E-books

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As your studio grows, consider different ways that you can reach your target audience and grow your following.

Work with a Professional Yoga Copywriter

Since yoga copywriting can be overwhelming and time-consuming, consider hiring a professional yoga or fitness copywriter. We understand the yoga business and are dedicated to helping clients create the exciting, SEO-optimized, and conversion-oriented content they need to grow their yoga business.

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If you don’t have the time or desire to write the content for your website or promotions, consider working with a yoga copywriter.

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