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Copywriter for Public Adjusters

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Are you doing all you can to help potential customers learn about your public adjuster services? Unless you’ve got more business than you can handle, it might be time to evaluate your marketing efforts.

copywriter for public adjusters

Grow your public adjuster business with a more informative website that ranks high on Google.

  • Could your public adjuster business use an infusion of new clients?
  • Would you like to have your pick of insurance cases instead of settling for anything that comes in your door?
  • Could better online and offline marketing help you get out of the feast-to-famine cycle?

A copywriter for public claim adjusters, someone who understands your industry, could be the ticket to growing your insurance business.

Visibility Begins with Your Website

Today’s public adjusters face unparalleled competition. More public adjusters have hung out their shingle in nearly every city, especially with the rash of recent weather-related disasters including hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and wildfires.

Whereas word-of-mouth used to be sufficient to bring business in the door, now that’s not the case. Suddenly, claimants have their choice of who to choose to assist them with their claim. If you’re a public adjuster, you’ll need to be proactive to attract more and bigger clients.

To deal with ever-increasing competition, today’s public adjusters must be proactive in marketing their services.

Promoting your public adjuster services begins with a quality website written by a professional copywriter who understands the value you bring to the table.  

Some of your prospective clients are likely to check out your website before contacting you.  Others may meet you first but still want to look at your website to confirm you’re legitimate. If they don’t like what they see, you’ll never have an opportunity to win their business. So you want to get it right.

Ask yourself these five questions:

  1. Does your current website accurately portray your years of experience in the insurance industry and the full extent of your capabilities as a public adjuster?
  2. Is your website as professional as you are in person?
  3. Are you proud to send people to your site or do you feel the need to apologize for its inadequacy?
  4. Does your website compare well with other public adjuster sites?
  5. Is your website an effective persuasion tool? That is, do visitors to your site follow through on contacting you for additional information or to book an appointment?

Unless you’re able to give a definitive “yes” to those questions, you need to get busy improving your website.

Explain the Need for Your Services

Many people don’t know what a public adjuster does. They are suspicious and are concerned that talking with you may cause a problem with their insurance claim. Or they suspect you’re trying to sell them something.

Therefore, to be effective, your website needs to clearly communicate what services you provide as a public adjuster and why those services are necessary. You know the client will be better off working with you as opposed to going the claims route alone, but they don’t know that.

Many people don’t know what a public adjuster does. You need to educate them on your website.

Once the client understands what purpose a public adjuster serves, you need to explain what makes you unique and better than your competition. Website visitors must be able to get an accurate impression of your firm within a few seconds of landing on your site. Your message can’t be subtle or wishy-washy.  It must quickly make the best case for hiring your business and prove beyond doubt that you offer value.

Promote Your Specialty

With the level of competition between public adjusters continually rising, standing out in the crowd becomes more difficult.  One proven strategy is to specialize. Narrow your focus by choosing a niche within your industry.  Consider these examples:

  • You’re a public adjuster for people in ____________ (name your city or geographic region).
  • You’re a public adjuster who specializes in helping people with insurance claims on their home.
  • You’re a public adjuster who specializes in helping businesses with insurance claims.
  • You’re a public adjuster who specializes in claims for fire, floods or storm damage.
Choose a specialty and promote your public adjuster firm as the expert in the field.
  • You’re a public adjuster who specializes in working with military clients, senior clients, small businesses or immigrant clients.

Once you’ve identified your specialty, your marketing can then be targeted to appeal specifically to the needs of your chosen market segment.

A skilled copywriter for public adjusters can help you focus your website around your specialty and position you as the authority in that space.  You want everyone who comes to your website to immediately know your areas of expertise.  And as a specialist, clients are more likely to seek you out because an expert in the field always trumps a generalist.

Other Marketing Tools

While having a website about your public adjuster firm is a necessity, it isn’t the only marketing tool you can use to promote your specialty and build your brand.  A professional copywriter can also help you create:

  • Brochures
  • Blog posts
  • Email campaigns
  • Online and offline ads
  • Social media posts
  • Reports and ebooks

Your brand should drive everything that represents you.  With consistency and repetition, it will gain traction.

Consider Landing Pages for Public Adjusters

One of the newer forms of online marketing are landing pages, and they’re easily adapted to meet the needs of public insurance adjusters.

Consider having a copywriter create landing pages for your firm that targets each of the main types of cases a public adjuster sees, such as a page each for people who’ve had a fire or a flood or been vandalized.

Each of those niche-specific landing pages should have important information about what a public adjuster can do to assist those types of victims. You might even offer additional information in the form of a free report or free personal consultation as a way to attract prospective clients and start a dialog.

Niche-specific landing pages are a great way to achieve high search engine ranking.

By choosing a tight niche within the insurance field on which to focus, your landing page is likely to rank high in the search engines. If you find that strategy works for you, create multiple landing pages, one for every niche you serve, no matter how small the target market.

Creating Content About Public Adjusters

Successful marketing isn’t about creating your website and then sitting back and waiting for the business to walk in the door. The most successful public adjusters are continually doing marketing and creating great content about their industry.

Working with a skilled copywriter for public adjusters, you can use your every day work for marketing purposes.  Consider these examples:

  • Case Studies– Create case studies or long-form testimonials about your experiences working with clients. They can be published on your website or blog. They can also be used in sales letters to tout your successes in a tactful way that attracts new clients.
  • Articles– Write articles about what a public adjuster does and post them online where someone searching for a public adjuster is likely to find them.
  • FAQs– When a client asks you a good question, write down your answer. Put together related questions to create a Frequently Asked Question page for your website.  You can have multiple FAQ pages related to each of your specialties.
  • Blog – Use a blog to provide useful information about your main subject areas. The more timely and current, the better.  Discuss specific claims cases, new laws and current events related to the insurance industry.

Once you get in the mindset of creating content, you’ll find a plethora of topics for you or your professional copywriter to write about.

Use SEO to Get Found

Today most people start their search for a product or service with Google.  If you don’t come up on search engines for public adjusters in your geographic area, then you likely won’t be found.  And that means, you won’t have a chance to try to win the visitor’s business. Yes, you can buy ads, but there’s a more cost-effective way to get visibility — search engine optimization (SEO).

While some clients may have received a referral to you, others will use Google to find a public adjuster. That’s why you want to be sure you come up in search results.

Every page on your website should be optimized to rank for a careful selection of 1-3 keywords. Those words should then be skillfully woven throughout the content.  Headers and subheads, incoming links among other variables all help determine whether Google shows your site some love.

A copywriter who understands SEO can write copy and employ proven techniques to help you rise in the rankings for public adjusters in your city or state.

Marketing Isn’t Optional for Public Adjusters

Today’s most successful public adjusters are continually building their brand and promoting their services.  They become the authorities in their space and use proven marketing tactics to gain visibility.

They don’t build a website and forget about it.  They’re continually updating and adding to it with new information that their clients will find useful.  And they don’t rely on just one form of marketing.  They use multiple methods and media to attract a continual stream of new clients.

Hoping prospective clients will find you is like fishing without bait. Plan on going hungry.

If your public adjuster firm is ready to grow, hoping prospective clients will find you is not a strategy.  That’s like fishing without bait and hoping the fish will attach itself to your hook. Plan on being hungry.

Also, marketing shouldn’t be a one-and-done function.  You can’t toss your line into the lake once and expect to get your fish. That’s just not how it works.  To see the best results and eliminate the feast-or-famine cycle so many public adjusters experience, your marketing efforts need to be ongoing and must achieve the following three objectives:

  1. Explain why claimants need a public adjuster.
  2. Position you well against competing public adjusters.
  3. Persuade prospects to contact and then hire you.

An experienced copywriter can help you promote your public adjuster services and ensure you see a positive return on your investment in marketing.

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