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You have a successful business as a swimming pool builder, but you know there’s room for growth. Sure you get plenty of referrals from old customers. And whenever you install a pool or spa in a subdivision, there’s a good chance one of the neighbors will call you over for an estimate. But you can’t help but dream of expansion and the potential revenue it would bring.

copywriter for pool builders

As a pool builder/pool maintenance company, a professional website is a necessity for attracting customers.

A professional copywriter can help you generate the additional leads and sales that are currently going to your competitors.

Start with the Copy on Your Website

Take a look at your pool/hot tub/spa website and ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your pool builder website look and sound professional?
  • Is it as clean, elegant and inviting as the pools you build?
  • Is the copywriting both informative and persuasive?
  • Does your site compare well to competitors’ and others in the pool industry?
  • Does it generate inquiries?
  • Does it rank well on Google?
pool builder's website

Does your website compare favorably with your competitor’s site? It should!

Unless you answered “yes” to every one of those questions, you have an opportunity to improve, and in doing so, grow your business.

You Know Pools; A Copywriter Knows Marketing

You wouldn’t ask a copywriter to build a pool in your backyard. So why are you trying to write your own website copy?

professional copywriter for pool companies

If writing about your pool company doesn’t come easy, hire a professional copywriter.

A professional copywriter knows what words and phrases help persuade buyers to take action. She knows what objections to address in the copy. And she understands how to present your company in the best light.

Promote All Your Services

Do you sell just one kind of pool? No. You probably offer custom designs and countless options. Promote your full range of capabilities with enticing product descriptions written by a professional copywriter:

  • Residential pools
  • Commercial pools for hotels & resorts
  • Spas & hot tubs
  • Splash pads
  • Water/fire features
  • Pool lighting
  • Custom rock work
  • Smartphone automation
  • Saltwater pools
promote pool maintenance services

Don’t forget to promote your pool repair and maintenance services.

Do you also sell pool services such as pool maintenance, pool cleaning and  pool repair?

You need to list and describe everything makes your pool company special so customers will know, when it comes to building and maintaining a pool, spa or hot tub, you’re the authority.

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Leverage Your Online Presence

If someone in your local area wants to hire a pool builder or pool service company, they’re likely to head right over to Google, Angie’s List or Yelp to find a reputable company with good reviews. You want to be sure you have a great profile to grab their attention.

According to pool and spa care marketer Matt Giovanisci, a good place to start is with Google Places. “Google Places is an online directory for local businesses. By adding your business, you will appear in local searches. For instance, a customer visits Google and types in ‘pool cleaning service.’ If that customer is located in your zip code, then chances are you will come up in the results. ”

well-written profile

A well-written profile in business directory listings increases your exposure to prospects.

Google Places and other business directory sites such as Yelp, Bing, Angie’s List and Facebook offer free listings that allow you to incorporate photos, videos and detailed information about your company. A well-written profile with plenty of helpful details can go a long way in persuading a customer to choose your pool company.

These sites also include reviews. Got happy customers? Have them tell the world with a positive review. The more reviews you have associated with your listing, the higher you’ll rank on the site and the more new customers will contact you.

print marketing

In addition to a website, you can do print marketing to target new customers.

Better Copy; More Sales

Your website is only the beginning. A skilled copywriter who understands marketing swimming pools and pool maintenance services can help you create a full range of promotional materials including:

  • Postcards & Mailers
  • Brochures
  • Press Releases
  • Ads – Online & in Print
  • Flyers & Door Hangers
  • & More
postcards, direct mail, brochures

Postcards, direct mailers and brochures can all direct traffic to your website.

The Best Time for Marketing Is Now

Marketing takes effort, and it takes time. But the sooner you get started, the faster you’ll see results.

Every day you wait your competitors are getting more pool orders. Isn’t it time you took your pool company to the next level?

copywriter for pool business

A copywriter can help you maximize your ROI in marketing your pool business.

Don’t let another pool season pass you by. Work with an experienced copywriter who will help you get a solid return on your marketing investment.

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Ready to do some marketing? Work with a copywriter for pool builders.

Get a no-obligation quote on your project.

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