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Fashion Copywriter for Designers and Retailers

Need a fashion copywriter to promote your designs?

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fashion product copywriting
Well-crafted copy goes hand-in-hand with professional photos in promoting fashion products.

Writing Product Descriptions & Web Copy for the Fashion Industry

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10 Tips for Writing Awesome Fashion Copy

  1. Define what makes your fashion product unique.
  2. Know what’s important to your customer.
  3. Make product descriptions compelling.
  4. Include features but emphasize benefits.
  5. Tell your story. Who’s behind these designs?
  6. Incorporate customer testimonials.
  7. Apply SEO (search engine optimization) tactics.
  8. Start a fashion blog to connect with customers.
  9. Use social media to keep customers engaged.
  10. Hire a fashion copywriter for professional copy.

How a Fashion Copywriter Can Help

Do you have clothing, shoes or accessories you’re trying to sell but your marketing materials are less than, well, fashionable?

Maybe your product descriptions are not as enticing as they could be.

Or perhaps your web copy about your products is less than riveting.

A copywriter, someone with experience writing about fashion design is one solution.

fashion copywriter
A fashion copywriter can choose words that define your brand and persuade consumers to buy.

A pro can compose copy that establishes your brand and generates sales. He or she will know what words will be effective in getting prospective customers to reach for their wallet.

Or, if you’re a DIY type, consider writing fashion ad copy yourself using some of the suggestions below.

Find Your Fashion Niche

Before you begin marketing and writing copy, define your product line. As you surely know, the fashion industry is mighty competitive. And the dominant players are big-name brands with tons of marketing dollars behind them.

So how can the little guy with a new fashion product or design but a limited marketing budget stand out?

Consider the fashion designer who has created a line of ultra-chic professional clothes for working women.

How about the shoe designer who’s put a new spin on stilettos with bling?

What about the athlete-turned-designer who’s created a new style of workout clothes for elite athletes?

Or maybe you’re a wardrobe stylist who wants to promote your fashion expertise.

fashion designers
Choosing a narrow niche in which to make your mark is a proven strategy for new fashion designers.

Your best bet when you have a limited marketing budget is to pick a small niche, one that you can target exclusively. Fill a gap in the market that the big players don’t know exists or choose to ignore. Promote what makes your products unique to a specific audience you can identify.

Example: I worked with a handbag designer. There’s certainly no shortage of handbag brands. But my client has developed a unique style. She creates exclusive purses that have actual jewels incorporated into their design. Prices start at $3,000 and go up to $10,000. And yes, I’m speaking about purses, not wedding rings.

These decadent handbags ooze glamour and luxury, making them the perfect accessory for celebrities and the ideal gift for the well-to-do woman who already has just about everything. By creating such a unique niche brand, this designer has set herself apart from other handbag designers.

Know Your buyer

Before writing any marketing materials to promote your fashion products, you need to know who your ideal customer is. Are you targeting a career girl or a middle-aged suburban mom? As you can imagine, their needs and tastes are likely to be worlds apart.

target your copy
Target your copy to your ideal customer, hitting on the points likely to be their “hot buttons.”

When you picture your ideal customer, you’ll want to consider such factors as:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income Level
  • Career
  • Lifestyle
  • Priorities

Once you have defined the persona of your ideal customer, you can write fashion copy that speaks to what’s most appealing to that demographic. Just imagine you’re having a one-on-one conversation with someone in that group. What are the key selling points you would emphasize to them?

Write Creative Product Descriptions

If you’re selling your fashions online or in a catalog, product descriptions are critical. They must be compelling or your buyer won’t reach for her wallet. And because the buyer isn’t able to try on the product before placing an order, you want to include all of the important specifics.

product descriptions
Product descriptions should fill in details that a photo may not be able to such as fabric, texture and care required.

It’s not enough to say, “This dress is beautiful and sexy.” You need to write out some of those alluring details like, “This ribbed knit dress has a seductive one-shoulder design, knotted self-tie midriff that forms two cutouts, mini length, and a cleverly concealed back zipper.” Now doesn’t that sound better?

Pay special attention to writing the headline. It’s critical to directing attention to your product description and can be the hook that largely determines whether the visitor sticks around to read more or immediately hits the back button.

Of course, the headline only starts the selling process; don’t expect it to the whole job. Fashion copywriters know they must give careful consideration to every word to keep their readers engaged.

Special Tip: The best product descriptions make the reader imagine herself wearing your product. She must be able to see a picture in her mind using your words, so choose them wisely. 

Bring on the Benefits

When describing a fashion product, the features are important — colors, content, care, etc. Technical specifications help customers make an informed buying decision. But specs aren’t everything.

describe your fashions
It’s not enough to describe how the customer will look in your fashions. Tell them how they will feel too!

Benefits are the real reason people buy. They’re what help the customer understand how the product will make them feel – beautiful, stylish, hot!

When you appeal to people’s emotions and tie your product’s features to benefits the buyer hopes to receive, your copywriting will be more effective.

Talk to One Person

Write as though you’re speaking to one person, not the world. Talk directly to that individual using the word “you” frequently. And let your enthusiasm show through.

Instead of saying, “This satin mini-dress is perfect for people attending a cocktail party,” say “You’ll look to-die-for in this satin mini-dress with flare silhouette at your next cocktail party.”

write your copy
Even though you’re hoping to sell hundreds or even thousands of your fashion products, write your copy as though you’re speaking to just one customer for that personal touch.

Keep in mind who that one person you’re targeting is. You’d speak quite differently to a teen girl attending a homecoming dance than a 55-year-old woman shopping for a dress to attend a charity ball.

Incorporate Reviews

If your product isn’t brand new, then you probably have some feedback from customers. And hopefully it’s positive!

Think about incorporating those reviews into your website. If they’re product-specific, put them on the page promoting the specific product they’re referencing. If they’re general, you can put them on some of the more general pages of your website.

write reviews
Got satisfied customers? Encourage them to write reviews on your website and your social media pages too.

Don’t be shy about soliciting reviews on your website. They’re considered social proof and are one of the most effective selling tactics online today. You’ve probably read plenty of reviews yourself before making a purchase so you know how much weight they carry.

Your customers want to know who is buying your product and what they like about it.  Let them share their stories. Ideally, prospective buyers will see themselves in those reviews and think, “Hmm, if this product looks great on her, then it will probably work for me!”

Use Social Media

Social media is also a great place to post copy and photos of your latest fashions. It’s how you build a loyal following of customers who keep coming back for more.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube all offer opportunities for you to write about your products and gain visibility to far-reaching audiences. The more social networking you do, the more you’ll broaden your fan base. And a broader fan base should result in greater sales.

marketing copy for designers
Give your designer brand a recognizable identity with carefully crafted marketing copy.

Hire a Fashion Copywriter

Writing about fashion can be challenging.  You want to strike the right tone for your brand and present your information in a compelling, but sincere way.

You want to answer the questions that prospects are likely to have.  Tell your story, elicit emotion and offer up all the scintillating details, and you’ll soon be swimming in orders for your products.

professional fashion copywriter
When you hire a professional fashion copywriter, expect a solid return on your investment in the form of increased sales.

Invest in professional copywriting. The sales it is likely to generate will more than pay for itself.

If you lack the time, desire or ability to write your own beauty product marketing copy, consider hiring a freelance fashion copywriter who can provide skilled assistance in writing words that sell.

Need a fashion copywriter to promote your designs?

Get a no-obligation quote here.

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