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Grow Your Service Business with an Amazing Sales Page

A Professional Copywriter Can Write a Sales Page that Delivers Results

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As a service provider, you know how difficult it can be to get new customers. You’ve probably tried most, if not all, of these ideas:

  • You created a website.
  • You attend networking meetings.
  • You’re active on social media.
  • You started writing a blog.
  • You’ve placed a few ads.
  • You’ve made some of those dreadful cold calls.

But you’re still just getting by. Barely.

generate leads

What measures can you take to generate leads and make things happen?

Finding the Right Clients

Sure you’ve got plenty of folks you’re talking to, and some say they’re considering your services, but you wonder if they’ll ever come through. And if they do, will they be a good fit? After all, the only thing worse than no clients is having the wrong clients!

You’d like to target a better class of customers, but you don’t know how to gain entry to their world.

Feast or Famine

Even when times are good, there’s no guarantee they’ll last.

marketing team

Feast or famine syndrome is common to small businesses that lack a dedicated marketing team.

See if this sounds familiar. You have lots of great clients. Your calendar is full and your cash flow problems are fading fast in your rear view mirror. Finally!

But then fast forward a few weeks and the harvest seems to be over. The phone isn’t ringing. And you’ve got no solid prospects to pursue. What happened?

Because you spent all your time servicing your existing clients, you’ve done nothing to generate new leads. You’ve gone from feast to famine, and the idea of starting over on the prospecting hamster wheel is exhausting. And depressing too!

How Can You Find a Balance?

When you signed up to become an entrepreneur, you didn’t know how hard it would be. As a service provider, it seems like you’re on a never-ending roller coaster ride. Up, down, up down…

service providers

For service providers, business is often a series of ups and downs with little warning of when each will occur.

You never know when the good times will end and the bad times might become the new normal. You’re reacting to situations, not being proactive. And you can’t seem to take control. Surely, there must be some way to safeguard your success.

Level the Playing Field

You always thought once you got a little experience under your belt, you wouldn’t have to go out looking for clients. Instead, they’d be looking for you!

marketing budgets

Bigger companies have bigger marketing budgets making it hard for the little guy to compete.

Unfortunately, you’ve found that’s not the case. Yet some of your colleagues seem to be faring just fine. And the gurus of the industry keep attracting big clients, the ones with unlimited budgets and lots of friends to refer.

It’s just not fair. How can you level the playing field?

A Copywriter for Sales Pages

It may seem like you’re tried everything. But are you overlooking the most effective strategy?

Your online presence can build your brand and put you in front of prospects whom you’d otherwise never meet. Make the internet your silent sales force.

Here’s how: A custom-built sales page, also called a landing page, written by a professional copywriter can give you an edge. It’s a  standalone page created with the intent of promoting one offer and one offer only. Then you drive traffic to it through ads, social media and any online and offline marketing you do.

online sales page

An online sales page can do some of the heavy lifting in growing your business.

With a creative design and the right words, you can reach out to potential clients and show them that you’re precisely the solution they’ve been seeking.

Who Can Use Sales Pages

Sales pages are perfect for promoting service businesses. They give you an opportunity to clearly make your case, providing enough detail to persuade even the most reluctant prospect to consider your offer.

sales pages

Sales pages allow you to make your case to prospective customers.

Sales pages are successfully being used by:

  • Career and Life Coaches
  • Financial Advisers
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Fitness Trainers
  • Health Advocates
  • Copywriters
  • Photographers
  • Marketing Consultants
  • And More
sales pages

Sales pages let the world know you exist and are open for business.

Just imagine what it’d be like if…

  • You had so many clients, you had to start a waiting list
  • You never had to go through another dry spell
  • Your clients didn’t care what you charged so long as they got to work with you
  • You never had to make another cold call

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to simply have a website. A sales page can help differentiate your services from your competitors’. You can use it to build a mailing list and become proactive in marketing your services. A professional copywriter can help you write that sales page that delivers results.

The Best Tool in Your Shed

In today’s highly competitive world, you need to be marketing consistently. If your efforts are haphazard, you won’t see results. A well-written, well-designed sales page can easily become your best marketing tool because it’s informational and has trigger points to prod prospects to take action.

sales page

A sales page is a versatile, multi-functional tool you can use to promote your business.

Tightly focused sales pages also position you as an expert in your particular niche. As a specialist you’ll stand out from your competitors and you’ll be able to charge more for your services.

When used in conjunction with other promotional techniques, a sales page can become your turbo-charged sales force!

Where to Begin

If you’ve never created a sales page before, then you might feel intimidated by the idea. A professional copywriter can help you:

  • Identify your niche
  • Target the right audience
  • Analyze your current marketing efforts
  • Develop a multi-step marketing plan
  • Design a show-stopping sales page
  • Create a response mechanism
  • Apply SEO techniques
  • Maximize your ROI

A copywriter can implement proven marketing techniques to fast track your success.

professional copywriter

A professional copywriter can accelerate your marketing efforts for faster and more sustainable success.

Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Perhaps you’re a bit gun shy about trying something new on your website. But if you want a different result, you can’t keep doing the same thing. You need to make changes.

well-written sales page

A well-written sales page is an affordable marketing tool that can help take your business up to the next level.

A sales page is not a major investment. It’s an affordable, no-risk way to boost your marketing efforts.

You know in general terms how sales pages work. Now it’s time to see how to can apply the concept to your service business. Ask a professional copywriter how to get started on your sales page.

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