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You spend nearly every waking moment on your real estate business. You’re constantly trying to get new listings and sell those you already have. You look upon every new person you meet as your next potential customer. And your networking activities know no bounds.

But there’s one area that’s a real time-suck and that – if you’re willing to admit it to yourself – you’re not handling all that well: writing real estate listings.

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real estate copywriter

A real estate copywriter can write property descriptions that attract buyers and spark bidding wars.

You know the importance of a well-crafted real estate listing. It’s the difference between describing a broiled steak versus a 12 oz., hand-cut, roasted prime rib au jus sautéed with garlic and our special mix of herbs and seasoning to seal in flavor and then slowly roasted to juicy perfection. Which one would you rather eat?

You’re not alone, when it comes to realtors writing listings. The struggle is realReal. So let yourself off the hook. It’s okay if writing isn’t your thing. You’ve got other amazing skills. But if your property descriptions don’t pique the interest of buyers, you’re flying on wishes and hopes. And that’s a recipe for failure.

real estate copywriter

You can spend more time showing properties and less time writing property descriptions when you add a real estate copywriter to your marketing team.

Any entrepreneur will tell you, assembling the right team is the key to scaling a business and maximizing revenue. And a talented, experienced real estate copywriter should be part of YOUR team.

Sure, you could invest the effort to write juicier descriptions of the homes you sell but is that really the best use of your time? Aren’t you better off showing properties and getting listings?

You know how competitive real estate is. Everyone and his mother is a realtor. And whoever isn’t a realtor today is probably thinking about getting their real estate license tomorrow. Am I right?!?

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copywriter for MLS listings

To stand out in the crowded real estate industry, optimize every aspect of your business, including your sales copy.

You’re competing with a broad swath of skilled real estate veterans and hopeful wannabes. If you want to distinguish yourself from this wide-ranging pack and dominate your competition, you’re going to have to up your game. And that’s exactly what a real estate copywriter can do for you. She can write:

  • Compelling property descriptions & MLS listings
  • Property brochures
  • Sales letters to attract prospects
  • Video scripts to promote subdivisions
  • Descriptions about neighborhoods & areas
  • Ad campaigns
  • Agent bios
  • Press releases
  • “About Us” pages
  • Airbnb & VRBO descriptions

Consider these questions:

  1. Isn’t it time you had content voiced to position your brand?
  2. Don’t you want to speak effectively to real estate homeowners, buyers and investors?
  3. Won’t sellers appreciate the extra mile you go in promoting their properties?
  4. Shouldn’t your real estate copy effectively address buyers’ pain points and offer a solution – more living space, a fenced yard for the dog, storage galore, and a chef’s kitchen with a massive island?

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real estate writer

Professional photos of a property are critical, but so is a persuasive, detailed description.

Remember, for most people, buying and selling a home is an emotional decision. They need reassurance they’re making the right move, which takes a lot more than simply listing the square footage of a property and a few bullets about its location.

If your property description doesn’t spark the imagination and paint a picture in the mind, you decrease the chances of buyers clicking on your listing and scheduling a viewing. Help them become emotionally attached to the property you’re selling by describing their future – sipping a glass of fine wine on their balcony at sunset, gathering with friends in the living room for game night, or sitting down to a delicious Thanksgiving feast with your extended family.

copywriter for real estate

The effort you put into marketing your listings will soon have a positive effect on your sales and revenue.

Look, you know you aren’t “just another real estate agent.” You want to be at the top of the game. By improving the copywriting that appears on your website and in your property descriptions, you’re taking your business to the next level. And it’s just a matter of time until the results begin translating into real revenue.

We have real estate copywriters on staff. They have bought and sold real estate themselves, worked one-on-one with real estate investors, and are seasoned in writing property listings for real estate agencies (including many big-name franchises) across the country. They’re fast, able to give next-day turnarounds. And our prices are affordable.

Get a free quote on your real estate copywriting project (no matter how small).

copywriter for realtors

The key to attracting more buyers and sellers could be as easy as working with an experienced real estate copywriter.

If you’re ready to sell more properties and at higher prices, professional real estate copy is the next step on your path to boundless success.

Contact us today to get a no-obligation quote on your real estate copywriting project. We can’t wait to support you in your mission to be the #1 real estate agent in your area!

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Looking for an experienced real estate copywriter?

Get a quote on your copy project.

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