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You spend nearly every waking moment on your restaurant business. You’re constantly trying to improve your food, refine your menu, and attract new customers.

But there’s one area that’s a real time suck and that – if you’re willing to admit it to yourself – you’re not handling all that well: marketing.

copywriting for restaurants

How you promote your food items can play a big role in your restaurant’s success.

It starts with writing your menu. You know the importance of a well-crafted menu. It’s the difference between describing a broiled steak and a 12 oz., hand cut, roasted prime rib au jus sautéed with garlic and our world-famous, in-house seasoning to seal in flavor and then slowly roasted to juicy perfection. Which one would you rather eat?

restaurant copywriter

A restaurant copywriter can craft tantalizing descriptions of your menu items.

You’re not alone. Plenty of restaurateurs struggle with copywriting their menu and marketing materials. So let yourself off the hook. It’s okay if writing isn’t your thing. Your culinary skills are off the chain! But if your meal descriptions don’t pique the interest of customers, you’re flying on wishes and hopes. And that’s a recipe for failure.

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you, assembling the right team is critical to scaling a business and maximizing revenue. And a talented, experienced restaurant copywriter should be part of YOUR team.

menu copywriter

Your menu needs to sell your products, with special emphasis on your most profitable items.

Sure, you could invest the effort to write juicier descriptions of the food you sell but is that really the best use of your time? Yes, you could be posting on your Instagram more often. But aren’t you better off keeping the kitchen running smoothly and perhaps greeting your guests?

You know how competitive restaurants are. They’re on nearly every block with new ones cropping up daily.

restaurant copy

A restaurant copywriter can help you compete more effectively for new patrons.

You’re competing with a broad swath of skilled restaurant entrepreneurs and hopeful wannabes. If you want to distinguish yourself from this wide-ranging pack and dominate your competition, you’re going to have to up your game. And that’s exactly what a restaurant copywriter can do for you. She can write:

  • Compelling food descriptions for your menu
  • Social media posts — Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • Restaurant/catering brochures
  • Sales letters to attract business customers
  • Ad campaigns promoting your specials
  • Press releases announcing achievements
  • “About Us” pages so your patrons get to know you
  • And more!

Isn’t it time you had content voiced to position your brand? Don’t you want to speak effectively to restaurant customers? Shouldn’t your restaurant copy make the reader’s mouth water? Don’t you want your customers to know your story?

restaurant marketing copy

Tell your establishment’s colorful story on your website About Us page with help from a restaurant copywriter.

Remember, for most people, choosing a restaurant is an emotional decision. They need reassurance they’re making the right move, which takes a lot more than simply listing the food and costs. If your food description doesn’t spark the imagination and paint a picture in the mind, you’re losing sales. Help persuade customers to order that appetizer, a bottle of wine, and your most profitable entrée.

You know you aren’t “just another restaurateur.” You want to be at the top of the game. By improving the copywriting that appears on your website and in your meal descriptions, you’re taking your business to the next level. And it’s just a matter of time until the results begin translating into real revenue.

foodie copywriter

Your restaurant copywriter should be a true foodie able to describe your food items in mouth-watering detail.

We have restaurant copywriters on staff. They have experience working one-on-one with restaurants across the country. They’re fast, able to give quick turnarounds. And our prices are affordable.

If you’re ready to sell more food and at potentially higher prices, professional restaurant copy is the next step on your path to boundless success.

Contact us today to get a no-obligation quote on your restaurant copywriting project. We can’t wait to support you in your mission to be the #1 restaurant in your area!

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Grow your restaurant business with great copy.

Work with a restaurant copywriter.

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