Accurate, Inc.

Palo Alto, California

Accurate, Inc. connects building supply manufacturers with architects sourcing materials for their construction projects.  Manufacturers benefit from increased sales.  Architects and their clients benefit from access to superior construction materials for their buildings.


Company founder Tom Diorio began selling Accurate’s matchmaking services to contacts he had in the construction industry and architectural community gained from years of employment as a buyer with big box retailers like Home Depot.  But he soon realized he needed a website to broaden his reach and scale his business.  Tom created a Home page on his own but wasn’t sure what else his site should have to promote his credibility and explain his services.

Accurate Homepage


Susan Greene worked with Tom to determine the priorities of the architects and manufacturers he targeted.  Because Tom’s services were unique in his industry, Susan recommended adding an FAQ page for architects and one for manufacturers as well to explain the value the company could deliver.

She also recommended creating an About Us page that gave Tom’s credentials, proving he wasuniquely qualified to provide his construction matchmaking services.

Accurate FAQ


Tom made fast use of his new website pages, frequently directing prospective customers to them.  He found once they’d read those pages, they were far more receptive to working with him.  The website gave him added credibility while also managing to quell any concerns they might have holding them back from purchasing Tom’s services.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

You've helped shorten the sales cycle

My marketing goal is to compel the prospect to want to buy.  You’ve definitely helped shorten the sales cycle with the copy you wrote for my website. Your work is great, Susan!

Tom Diorio
Accurate, Inc.
Palo Alto, California

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