Friend of the Family

Atlanta, Georgia

In business since 1985, Friend of the Family provides caregiving services for children and seniors.
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Friend of the Family had been in business for over 30 years and had done almost no marketing. It had a one-page website that was outdated and inadequate.

Amazingly, all of its business had come from word-of-mouth referrals and alignment with a few key corporations that hired Friend of the Family for some of its employees’ families.

But with competition growing and beginning to chip away at Friend of the Family’s customer base, the owners knew it was time to step up their game.


They hired Inovo Studios of Atlanta, GA to create a new website for the company, one that explained its wide range of caregiving services and differentiated it from other businesses offering similar services.


Inovo Studios developed the concept and design for the new website. They brought in Susan Greene, a freelance copywriter, to write the actual content.


Susan interviewed the owner of Friend of the Family and learned about the full scope of its services and its commitment to providing the highest caliber of care to its clients. The copy was completed within one week and the site launched shortly thereafter.

The owners of Friend of the Family were pleased to have a website that could compete effectively with competitors and could also attract new business via its search engine ranking. And Inovo Studios was able to complete the website much more quickly than if they’d had to wait on the client to provide the content.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

You nailed it

This landing page copy is incredible! And earlier than expected! I think you nailed it. Thanks, Susan.

Bruce van Zyl
Inovo Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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