Aljaloca Construction

Algarve, Portugal

Since 2004 Aljaloca has provided residential construction services in Portugal. The company renovates existing properties and also builds new homes and vacation villas.
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Aljaloca Construction had been building custom homes for over a decade and relied solely on word-of-mouth referrals for its business.  While they’d managed to be successful without doing any marketing, the husband and wife team knew their business could grow faster if they invested in a website.  But they had no idea how to go about it.

Additionally, they wanted the website to be in English, not Portuguese, because many of their clients were foreigners building vacation homes in Portugal.  When foreigners searched for a builder, they were most likely to search in English.


In researching how to write their English website themselves, Janet Ferreira, principal, stumbled upon Susan Greene’s website.  She wrote to ask about her services.  When she found that Susan was an American copywriter who had written websites for many international companies outside the U.S., Janet knew she was perfect for the job.

Susan spoke with Janet to understand the company’s capabilities and target customers.  She then created content that presented the company as an honest, experienced and knowledgeable builder.



The Ferreiras were extremely pleased with the copy Susan provided.  The website was launched and has helped Aljaloca Construction new clients and land bigger projects.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

It is perfect! We are so happy with everything you have done.

Hi Susan,

Thank you so much for the copy for our website.  It is perfect!  We are so happy with everything you have done. We are impressed not just with your work but with the speed and efficiency with which you have delivered it. You gave us exactly what you promised, and we are so appreciative. I am sure you have heard this many, many times before from your clients but I still hope that you realize what a difference you made for us.

Janet Ferreira
Aljaloca Construction
Principal/Marketing Director
Algarve, Portugal

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