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Altius Learning offers training and private coaching to financial advisors.

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The company had been marketing its programs on its website.  Now it was looking to expand its reach by creating a brochure to specifically promote small group coaching.

Financial advisor training is a crowded field with many companies offering similar services.  Altius Learning needed a brochure that differentiated its firm from competitors and positioned the Altius brand as an industry leader in small group coaching.


Susan Greene, brochure copywriter, was brought in to create the content for the brochure.  She interviewed the five people who make up Altius Learning’s management team to determine how the company was unique.  She also brought in a graphic designer to produce the brochure’s layout.



The brochure was completed within a few weeks.  Altius Learning saw an almost immediate return on its investment in the project and contracted Susan Greene to begin work on brochures to promote some of the company’s other niche services.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

Spectacular job


Thanks for a spectacular job on this brochure! You have created something special for us. It has been so easy to work together that I look forward to another project and will be calling you again next week to discuss!

Jim Dullanty
Principal | Partner
Altius Learning
Denver, Colorado

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