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Englewood, Colorado

Altius Learning offers professional training and private coaching to financial advisors.


Altius Learning had a database with over 10,000 names of prospects.  These were people who’d attended an Altius Learning seminar or had found the company’s website and requested information.

Other than an initial reply to any inquiries, Altius Learning had never again contacted the people on this database, all of whom could potentially become clients.  The company knew it was potentially missing out on sales but didn’t know how to make use of the database.


Altius Learning asked Susan Greene, professional copywriter, to come up with an idea for a mailing to its database.  In that the company was a professional training and coaching firm for financial advisors, Susan suggested sending out an informative monthly newsletter called Coach’s Corner that could be used to highlight one specific business-building technique for financial advisors.


The premise would be, “Here’s just one great tip, but we have many more, which you’ll receive if you sign up for our training or coaching programs.”



The Coach’s Corner newsletters were an immediate success.  They got an astounding open rate and many readers also clicked through to Altius Learning’s website.

As soon as each edition went out, Altius Learning would also get immediate inquiries about its next upcoming training sessions.

The Coach’s Corner mailings became a regular staple of Altius Learning’s marketing program and today have a large and loyal following.

{The full newsletter edition can be seen here on the Altius Learning website.  Additional editions can be seen here and here.}

Here's what the client said about the copy:

Great Work

The copy is excellent, Susan.  It’s interesting and informative.  Thanks for the great work on the Coach’s Corner newsletter!

Dave Mullen
Founding Partner | Principal
Altius Learning
Englewood, Colorado

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