Anchor Point Foundation

Boulder, Colorado

Anchor Point is a charitable foundation that helps non-profit organizations creatively solve problems in their communities around the world.
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For more than 20 years philanthropists Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor had been quietly supporting a broad range of nonprofit organizations initially as individuals and then through its charity Anchor Point Foundation. Brad and Amy donated not only funds but also their time, expertise and leadership to numerous groups doing innovative work in their communities.

As the portfolio of their work grew, they decided to begin documenting their accomplishments, hoping to inspire others.


Anchor Point Foundation approached Highforge, an Orlando, FL digital marketing firm, for assistance in creating a website that would encompass all of their charitable endeavors. Highforge asked Susan Greene to come up with a plan for organizing the website and to write the copy.

Because the charitable work by Brad and Amy had been so great and so diverse, it took several months to gather all the necessary information to create one comprehensive website that gave the full picture of their achievements.


For years Anchor Point Foundation had been operating under the radar, quietly doing important work while focusing the spotlight on the nonprofit organizations they supported. But now, with the goal of inspiring others to get involved in their communities, Brad and Amy have documented their impressive legacy. As their work continues, the website will be expanded to include new endeavors.

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