West Palm Beach, Florida

Founded in 1992, AquaGear offers all types of swimming equipment for competition, fitness and just for fun!
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AquaGear wanted a landing page to introduce its swimming equipment. With everything from swim goggles to nose clips and waterproof MP3 players, their page had to let visitors know the full breadth of their product lines. It was also important that the page rank well on search engines to draw in targeted traffic.


Susan Greene wrote a lengthy landing page that broke the swimming gear into categories including training equipment for competitive swimmers, fitness swimmers and swimmers who just wanted to have fun playing in the water.

A critical element of the page was to include links to as many different merchandise items as possible to steer visitors to dedicated product pages.


The landing page was successful in getting well-ranked on Google and it did an effective job persuading visitors to go deeper into the website to view product pages.  AquaGear ultimately used the landing page Susan wrote as the template for creating landing pages for some of its other product categories such as snorkeling gear, aquatic therapy gear and personal care items.

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