San Mateo, California

AtHoc offers products and services that facilitate crisis communications such as in a fire, tornado, shooting or other disaster.
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AtHoc decided to give its website a complete overhaul.  In addition to adding new products and services, company leaders wanted its copy to be easier for the layperson to understand.  Its previous website included too much industry jargon and technology terminology.  The main point AtHoc wanted its website to make was that in an emergency, its systems facilitated communications, and in doing so, helped protect the safety of people and property.


Working for Core & More Technologies, AtHoc’s marketing firm, Susan Greene reviewed all pages and rewrote them in a conversational tone.  She wrote about each of the company’s products and also vertical marketing pages to appeal to healthcare, military, government and commercial/industrial organizations.



In addition to a new, contemporary look created by the marketing firm, Susan’s copy made the website much easier for visitors to understand and navigate.  The copy was such a significant improvement that AtHoc decided to have Susan also rewrite its product data sheets to be more conversational and concise.

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