Avana Capital

Glendale, Arizona

AVANA Capital is a nationwide commercial real estate lender.
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AVANA Capital had provided $60 million in loans to a developer building a combination Marriott Courtyard and TownPlace Suites hotel. It was an extremely complicated loan made even more challenging by a tight timeframe. AVANA wanted to let other hotel developers know about this project, as it was a good example of AVANA’s exceptional customer service and capabilities.


Susan Greene spoke with the AVANA Capital executives responsible for structuring the deal. She used their input regarding the key details of the project to create a case study.


AVANA Capital has gotten a lot of mileage out of the case study, repurposing it for a variety of uses. They’ve emailed it to their mailing list,  which includes hotel developers, included it in proposals to prospective clients, and promoted it on their website. Recognizing its sales potential, the company now routinely does case studies on its significant projects.

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