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Marlborough, Connecticut

A leadership development company, b Authentic provides executive coaching and training to professionals seeking to accelerate their career success.
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Copywriting Challenge

b Authentic was ready to launch its new b Brilliant program designed to help people rise in their career. It featured a combination of 17 video coaching lessons and 6 small-group online coaching sessions plus a variety of related bonus products. 

CEO Erin Hatzikostas wanted a landing page that revealed the value of the program, explained all it contained and persuaded clients to sign up. 


Inovo Design was the marketing agency handling the project. They brought in Susan Greene to do the copywriting. Susan spoke with Erin, watching the videos and listened to a recording of a coaching session, all so that she’d have a comprehensive understanding of what the b Brilliant program entailed.

Susan wrote the landing page. Erin made a few revisions and then Inovo designed the page.

In less than one full week the landing page was completed and the b Brilliant program was ready for launch.


Erin was pleased with the way the landing page turned out. Working with her advertising firm Lion’s Paw Marketing, she set up a pay-per-click ad campaign to drive traffic to the landing page. She also participated in various other online promotions to increase exposure.

Within a few weeks, b Brilliant had its first group of enrollees and the program got underway.

Here's what the client said about the copy:


This is a WONDERFUL draft – thank you so much. It amazes me how quickly you can dive in, understand the mission and crank this out!

Erin Hatzikostas
Founder & CEO
b Authentic, Inc.
Marlborough, Connecticut

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