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Tacoma, Washington

In business since 1977, Berg Benefits offers custom employer health benefit plan design and consulting services to corporations.
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Berg Benefits had an old website. It contained minimal information and didn’t explain the full range of unique services the company provides. It also failed to demonstrate how extraordinary the company was in helping companies save money on their healthcare and retirement benefits packages. It also neglected to mention the importance quality benefits can play in attracting and retaining high quality employees.

Berg Benefits had been fortunate to have been successful despite putting minimal effort into their marketing. Longevity and word-of-mouth had keep their client roster full. But it was time to be more proactive in attracting new clients and possibly extending the services they offered to their existing clients.


Berg Benefits hired Thrive Design to create an entirely new website that would be more contemporary in design and more comprehensive in explaining Berg Benefits’ services. Thrive brought in Susan Greene, website copywriter, to write the copy for the site’s many pages.

Susan worked closely with the company’s marketing coordinator to draft content that was easy to understand and positioned Berg as a leader in the Washington state healthcare benefits industry.

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The website became Berg Benefits main marketing tool, helping it to attract prospective customers. It also offered opportunities to enhance its sales by including numerous case studies with compelling testimonials from existing clients.

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The new website modernized Berg’s brand image while also providing much more information about Berg’s services . It enabled Berg to stand out as the industry leader among the many newer companies that had entered the industry and lacked the decades of experience that Berg brought to the table.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

Great work

I’m going through the website with a fine-tooth comb today and will be presenting it to Joe for a final check. Thanks for all your great work!

Emily Smith
Marketing Coordinator
Berg Benefits
Tacoma, Washington

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