Cameroon International Business Consulting (CIBC)

Douala, Cameroon, West Africa

CIBC helps international companies establish a foothold in West Africa to begin selling their products and services in this rapidly emerging market. 


CIBC Brochure


The company wanted a brochure that it could send via e-mail to prospective customers.  In most cases, it would serve as a follow-up to an inquiry generated by CIBC’s website.  A printed version would be given out at trade shows.

The brochure needed to be written in English as most of CIBC’s international clients, no matter where they were from, spoke at least some English.


CIBC contracted Susan Greene, an American copywriter, to compose the content for the company’s brochure.  Susan spoke at length with key executives in the business to be able to write about the many unique services CIBC provides.


The brochure proved to be extremely successful in attracting customers to CIBC.  The company was so pleased that it hired Susan Greene to write additional materials to further support its marketing effort.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

Excellent job of presenting our business...

Hi Susan,

We have completed production of the brochure, which you’ll find attached. I am extremely pleased with the way it turned out. I think it does an excellent job of presenting our business consulting services and establishing our image in the global marketplace. Thank you for your great contribution.

Stay blessed,

Achiri Fru
Cameroon International Business Consulting
Douala, Cameroon

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