Central Florida Hospitalist Partners (CFHP)

Orlando, Florida

In business since 1999, Central Florida Hospitalist Partners (CFHP) has been instrumental in introducing hospitalist medicine to the central Florida region. As a renowned group of over 100 physicians, they are experts in coordinating and expediting the care of hospitalized patients.
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CFHP had an outdated website that wasn’t serving the company well.  The organization’s directors had been meaning to update it for years, but with the company growing rapidly, other needs took priority.

Eventually, CFHP noticed that their main competitors had recently built websites that were more professional and comprehensive.  CFHP realized they couldn’t put off their website redo any longer.

CFHP contracted Highforge, an Orlando digital marketing firm, to create a new website.  Highforge brought in Susan Greene, professional copywriter, to join the website development team and provide all content for the new site.

When Susan began interviewing key personnel to determine how to organize the information on the new site, she found the company had a unique situation.  While most organizations use their website to target one group – prospective customers – and achieve one main objective – persuade them to consider a purchase – CFHP had three target groups and objectives:

  1. Hospitalized Patients – Explain to them what CFHP’s role was in managing their care.
  2. Medical Practices – Convince them to contract CFHP to oversee the care of their hospitalized patients.
  3. Physicians – Recruit them to work for CFHP.


Susan organized the website into three sections to speak to each of the three distinct audiences.  The copy highlights benefits and positions CFHP as a leader in hospitalist care for the Central Florida market.

CFHP Website


CFHP has a contemporary looking website of which the organization can be proud.  It successfully communicates CFHP’s growing role in area hospitals.

In addition to providing detailed information about CFHP, it includes photos and brief bios of the company’s 100+ physicians. Patients of CFHP appreciate being able to look up their doctor and know something about their background.  The bios are also helping to recruit more doctors who can see they’d be joining an accomplished team.

Finally, the new website includes a blog, which is helping CFHP to rank high on Google as well as further educate patients and physicians not yet familiar with hospitalist care.


Here's what the client said about the copy:

Fantastic work across the board!

Hey Susan,

Fantastic work across the board!  I’ve received great feedback from the client. That’s exactly what I was hoping for when I reached out to you to write the website copy for CFHP (Central Florida Hospitalist Partners).

Scott Mann
High Forge
Orlando, Florida

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