Centric Software

Campbell, California

Centric makes software for fashion and apparel designers.
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Centric Software was ready to introduce its new Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software for emerging clothing and footwear companies.

The marketing department decided a live webinar would be the best way to demonstrate how the software could streamline production from concept to store shelf and increase profits.


Centric asked Susan Greene to help create a promotional campaign to attract small to mid-sized clothing and footwear companies to the webinar.  Among the components of the campaign was an email invitation, a press release, various ads, and sponsored updates on social media.

All promotions would drive traffic to a landing page where attendees could sign up to attend the webinar. Even though the webinar was free, Centric required attendees to pre-register.



The marketing campaign was successful in getting a sizable turnout to the webinar. Because all attendees had pre-registered on the landing page, Centric Software had their contact information and was able to do follow-up marketing to them.

The webinar itself proved to be an excellent tool for demonstrating to prospects the benefits of using PLM software and specifically, Centric’s program for emerging clothing and footwear brands.

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