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Julius is a digital marketing agency with offices in Mexico, Spain, Colombia and Miami, Florida.
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A fast-growing company, Julius aimed to capitalize on the growing trend of outsourcing marketing activities. Using talented professionals primarily in South and Central America, it offers offshore SEO, web development and copywriting services at extremely favorable rates.

Julius has a blog that it incorporates into its content marketing strategy. Recognizing that many business owners are unfamiliar with the process of hiring offshore talent, they wanted an article that explained the many benefits of offshoring, with a particular focus on outsourcing SEO work. 


Since the U.S. was one of Julius’s primary targets, they wanted to hire an American copywriter to write the blog post. They chose Susan Greene, a professional copywriter based in Florida. 

Susan was able to research and write the blog article within 48 hours, and it was added to Julius’s blog almost immediately.

Offshore SEO services


The article on Julius’s blog is helping the company rank higher on Google for critical keyword phrases related to offshore SEO services.

The company intends to work with Susan again on future articles targeting specific keywords and marketing objectives for Julius.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

Would like to continue working with you

Hi Susan,
I am very satisfied and happy with your work. The article you wrote will help us with our SEO strategy. We would like to continue working with you for future articles. 

Karyme Barragan
Customer Solutions Specialist
Mexico City, Mexico

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